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If you want to study Gawad Kalinga or work with us to contribute to its growth, you can make a difference for GK communities through our internship program. In this program, individuals are empowered to improve the lives of others by sharing their expertise, talent, time & treasure in various GK communities. The program offers a chance to build lasting relationships with peers and most especially, with Gawad Kalinga community residents.

For inquiries about available internship opportunities,

please email builders@gawadkalinga.com.


Participating students, with the consent of their university advisers, apply academic concepts in GK communities and develop research materials and projects that will be used to improve the quality of life for people in need. These projects address a variety of topics related to, but not limited to, poverty eradication such as urban planning, education, hunger mitigation, environmental and health sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Participants are highly encouraged to craft a report and present their work at the end of the program.

Full-time Work

We need YOU! Join Team GK, and work with fellow nation-builders who bring not just their excellence in their respective fields, but also their passion for mission and love for the poor! 

We are looking for:

* Senior Full Stack Developer

* Junior Full Stack Developer

Know more about these job openings and how you can apply HERE.


The caretaker team is essentially GK’s lifeblood on the ground. The caretaker team is selected based on their willingness to embrace the vision and mission of GK and to live out its values of faith, patriotism, and padugo (heroic sacrifice and service). This volunteer group is led by a project director and community organizer. They are responsible for:

   • Organizing communities into GK Kapitbahayans (GK neighborhood associations)

   • Delivering the values formation program

   • Implementing the community development plan and GK programs

   • Mentoring the community leaders towards self-governance

Know more about this team and how you can be part of it HERE.


Bai Linda Eman

"Gawad Kalinga showed me that peace can be achieved even without guns, because love is the best weapon. They have inspired me to become a true Muslim, because they are true Christians."