Our Take on Poverty
[Date Created: July 4, 2013]


As our country experiences rapid economic growth, there is a great need for us to reflect on the realities that confront the least amongst us―the poor (landless, homeless and hungry) at the “base of the pyramid.” After 10 years of converging and building goodness amongst the rich and poor, the young and old, we have discovered the guiding principles and working templates of what it truly means to serve―the GK Way.

Today, we ask the question―how do we make our efforts appropriate so that we can bring this fight to the heart of our national consciousness, to end the poverty of 5 million poor families by 2024?

Where can we find the strength to go on working against such formidable odds? Our efforts must amount to a living faith in a God of love. He assures those of us who trust Him that the way of love is the light that can pierce through the darkness of poverty. And that this light shines on every face because the love of God is open to all peoples.

The fight against poverty is a fight in intimate contact with the 5 million, otherwise categorized as those in the “base of the pyramid.” To win this fight is to put an end to the poverty mindset. We need to “flip” the pyramid so that the poor are on top! This will mean it is not a trickle down strategy nor a bottom up approach. “Flipping” the pyramid will mean that the “haves” will have to do the heavy lifting if we want to stabilize our nation. We can’t expect the poor to play catch up, they will never be able to.

The 80% of us should work together in creating that “lift” so that the poor can begin to aspire for greatness! Simply put, if we sincerely want to build a better future for our children, we need to understand in our hearts and minds that this better future is dependent on our ability to end poverty for the 5 million poorest families.

As we thank you for being such an invaluable part of our awe-inspiring history, may we also invite you to help us get as many families as we can across the finish line. We can all do our share to make sure that no one gets left behind nor forgotten. Walang iwanan!


Jose Luis Oquiῆena
Executive Director, Gawad Kalinga