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If each of us takes part in caring and sharing, the overwhelming challenge of poverty can be addressed. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.

Operation Walang Iwanan: Typhoon Pablo (BOPHA)

[Date Created: August 13, 2013]

Last December, Typhoon Pablo devastated parts of Mindanao and hundreds of families were affected. True to our promise of leaving no one behind, we activated Operation Walang Iwanan: Typhoon Pablo and with the help of local Team GK, the LGUs, valiant volunteers, generous partners and many more nameless heroes, we were able to distribute relief packs, conduct medical missions and bring back the smiles of the children through our Paraisong Pambata activities. We have surpassed the initial target of 10,000 relief packs, reached out to those in need of medical assistance, and brought Christmas to 3,000 children and 2,000 adults.

Last February 1, 2013, Gawad Kalinga activated a sustained feeding program that will run for 8 WEEKS (until the end of the school year), targeting 1,200 children. This will help alleviate the rising malnutrition in the area that has been reported by the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Unocha) last February 12. Click here to read the full article as published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The Love Means Walang Iwanan campaign aims to support this, with the following mechanics:

Give Php 800 today and you can:
  • Feed a child twice a day for the whole month of February
  • Give a child your love through a special “Walang Iwanan” baller ID, sending the message that we won’t leave them behind
  • Send a Valentine e-postcard to your loved ones (please indicate if you want us to keep it anonymous)


Through this campaign, we have been able to feed over 1,600 children in typhoon-torn Cateel. Additionally, the baller bands given to the children will always be a reminder that there are people out there who love them and won’t leave them behind.

Many people from all over the world really wanted to send this message of “Walang Iwanan” to the children and share this opportunity to help others to their friends. Here are some of their testimonials:

  • “One's access or temporary possession of financial resources is meant to be shared as intended by the Divine Source of all resources.” – Armando Dimarucot, Phils
  • “We can't let go. We can't leave them (Typhoon Pablo Victims) behind. May our humble contribution inspire more family, friends and kindred hearts to do likewise. God prosper the work of our hands.” – Raul Dizon, Phils
  • “I thank God for knowing you in this lifetime and have been a part of your life during our Rohm and Haas days. I am blessed with your friendship hence I am happy to share you this LOVE means Walang Iwanan fund drive from our GK friends. Thanking you in advance for sharing your blessing as well to the survivors of Typhoon Pablo. God bless you.” – Zenaida Cristobal, Singapore
  • “Ang sarap po sa pakiramdam na makikita mo ang mga bata na nakangiti at nasisiyahan sa magandang nangyayari sa school nila. At kapag nilalapitan mo sila, ang palaging sinasabi nila na WALANG IWANAN sabay taas sa kamay na may baller band." – Macmac, GK Volunteer, Cateel


February 27, 2013
Model houses are now rising in Cateel! The first that is not of the bunkhouse and tent kind. Go Team GK Davao Oriental!

February 26, 2013

Upon hearing that the children in Mindanao were suffering from malnutrition, Monster Radio RX 93.1 with the leadership of their President, Mr. Chito Barreiro, immediately got in touch with Gawad Kalinga to express support for our sustained feeding program. Last February 26, 2013, HR Manager Rose Carungay turned over the check to support our Love Means Walang Iwanan campaign and make sure that we keep these children’s stomachs full, sending them the message that we won’t leave them behind.

True to the spirit of Walang Iwanan, Monster Radio RX 93.1 is one of those partners who have always been there, ready to respond and give hope to those who have none. They have helped GK with efforts for December 2012's Typhoon Pablo, December 2011's Typhoon Sendong and August 2012's Habagat.

February 23-24, 2013

GK Team Davao and GK Team Davao Oriental spent the weekend starting the Values Formation module for future GK residents. We also organized some of Cateel's youth to be future nation builders.

February 21, 2013

Updates from Tito Tony Meloto who went to Mindanao to see how our communities there are doing (below):

"GK opens windows of hope to Pablo victims.Went to Compostela Valley with Gov Uy to rebuild communities in 7 towns. After a big tragedy comes great blessing. New homes & farms for ComVal victims with LGU & corp partners. Witnessing the power of solidarity. Pablo victims receiving keys to their new homes in Compostela Valley. Then went to Davao Enchanted Farm. A future full of hope for children of DAR farmers. It's all about the children. God is good. Hope heals."

February 14, 2013

We know someone who spent a meaningful and love-filled Hearts Day! ♥ Macmac, our GK volunteer from Davao, who is currently helping our team in Cateel, Davao Oriental in our ongoing Operation Walang Iwanan for Typhoon Pablo! He shared:

"My Valentines celebration spent with the kids, teachers and parents in one of our adopted school, San Antonio Elem School in Cateel, Davao Oriental yesterday was so fulfilling and memorable. Our program is a great help not only in the improvement of the health condition of the pupils but also the number of those who goes to school everyday. Ang sarap po sa pakiramdam na makikita mo ang mga bata na nakangiti at nasisiyahan sa magandang nangyayari sa school nila. At kapag nilalapitan mo sila, ang palaging sinasabi nila na WALANG IWANAN sabay taas sa kamay na may baller band."

Thank YOU to everyone who've been part of our ongoing Operation Walang Iwanan in one way or another!

February 5, 2013

GK Executive Director Luis Oquiñena together with Davao Oriental Governor Cora Malanyaon were in the Cateel relocation site identified by the local government unit (LGU) as safe and secure land that has been cleared for building. A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the “Bayanihan Village” that will be built by GK and its partners.

>> Read about how the first 80 homes will now rise in typhoon-torn Cateel, thanks to the LGU, Gawad Kalinga, the Chinese and Philippine Soong Ching Ling Foundations and Kaisa Para sa Kaunlaran who have come together in unity despite the walls that divide.

February 4, 5:00 PM
Love means Walang Iwanan. ♥

February 4, 2:49 PM
Every pot emptied, every plate distributed, every child went home with big smiles & a full stomach, thanks to you and our valiant volunteers. So so so proud to be part of this family of heroes. Team GK, walang iwanan! Muchas gracias Cateel for the joy & privilege of serving you ♥

February 4, 11:57 AM
Because of all of you, we've been able to give out morning snacks of milk & bread and a nutritious lunch to these children :) It may not be much, but it's bringing back their precious smiles & they're much more active in school. Whatever little we can share makes such a big impact here and we hope you can help us sustain the feeding till the end of the school year. Love means walang iwanan! ♥ In behalf of the kids of Cateel, salamat, salamat!

February 4, 9:42 AM
The smiles of these kids in Cateel just filled our Monday with so much hope, love and inspiration! Update from our team below:

"With your generous donation & with our volunteer medical team, Team GK was able to serve over 500 kids in 2 brgys. in Cateel, Davao Oriental. You could see in their eyes their hunger for food but also for friendship, for someone to listen to their story. We are grateful for the chance to meet them, to heal not just their bodies but also touch their broken hearts. Today & for the rest of the school year, with everyone's help, we can feed their hungry stomachs too. We can all do our share. Love means walang iwanan."

February 4, 9:40 AM
Team GK together with the principal of San Alfonso Elementary School, Mr. Constantino Bagumba.

February 4, 9:30 AM
Alaska Milk Corporation donated milk packs for the kids! This morning, the kids will be served with bread and a glass of milk :) Thank you Alaska!

February 4, 9:00 AM

It's raining here in Cateel, and there will be no Flag Ceremony today. Some students need to travel for 5 kms going to school. Others have to cross a river. While waiting for the roofs to be repaired, some of these students are temporarily holding classes along a hallway. But we can never forget the smiles on their faces when we gave them their "Walang Iwanan" baller IDs. They loved it. You too can send your love from across the miles. Because in Gawad Kalinga, "Walang Iwanan!" is not just a chant or a slogan. It's a way of life. Let's show these children the true meaning of leaving no one behind.

February 3, 9:57 PM
Congratulations Team GK! 250 kids served on our second day, and thousands of medicines successfully counted. Now we all take some rest to prepare for tomorrow's feeding program.

February 2, 2013

Yesterday, our volunteer team of nurses & GK's Doc Eric served 270 patients in Brgy. San Alfonso, Cateel, Davao Oriental. Today, profiling, medical mission & Paraisong Pambata continues in Brgy. San Antonio with 250 kids. Tomorrow, we are all set to feed 1,200 in those two areas too.

Make this love month extra meaningful by including a Typhoon Pablo victim in your love story. With only P800 (roughly the cost of a date), you can feed a school child in Davao Oriental and give him a baller ID to let him know that someone cares. ♥ You can even send an e-card to loved ones and friends to let them know that you shared this special gift.

February 1, 2013

Here now in Cateel, Davao Oriental with Gawad Kalinga for a weekend medical mission and assessment of kids for a feeding program. After almost two months since Typhoon Pablo hit our country, areas like Cateel, Davao Oriental have started to rise up from the disaster. However, there are still a lot of things to be done: schools to be repaired, houses to be built, children to be taken care of, wounds to heal and hope to be seen... and nourished. Our fellow Filipinos in these hardly hit areas still need our help. WALANG IWANAN!

January 31, 2013

Operation Walang Iwanan is still ongoing! And school reconstruction will be starting soon! Special thanks to everyone who joined Yabu: House of Katsu's Dine for a Cause! :) Update from our team in Cateel, Davao Oriental below:

"Team GK will be conducting regular medical missions and a long term feeding program for elementary schools in Cateel. Team headed by Tito Rene Rieta is discussing with the teachers the feeding program and the rebuilding process."

And we still need YOU! We still have a long way to go! Walang Iwanan!

>> Read the full story in "Dine for a Cause with Yabu"

January 29, 2013

"It's taken Pablo for us to realize the already sad state these people are in: poverty. As we build our friendship and more positive moments together, we look forward to more collaboration between the two nations towards realizing our dream of ending poverty in this country." – Jose Luis Oquiñena, GK Executive Director during the MOA signing for 80 homes with the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, the Philippine Soong Ching Ling Foundation and Kaisa Para sa Kaunlaran, Inc. 

January 21, 2013

Helping out has never tasted THIS GOOD!

This January 21, customers get to dine for a cause again as a good portion of the sales from all 3 Yabu branches (SM Megamall, Robinsons Magnolia, SM MOA) will help rebuild classrooms that were destroyed by Typhoon Pablo. Thank you Yabu!!! :)

>> Read the full story in "Dine for a Cause with Yabu"

January 12, 2013

Here's an account from a volunteer who was part of Operation Wayay Bija-ay (Walang Iwanan) in Lingig, Surigao del Sur:

"These communities are still in the process of recovering and rebuilding their homes. Amazingly, the “bayanihan” spirit of communal unity and cooperation brought by the volunteers helps these people realize that by working together they can do a lot, and help their town rise up faster. When we left the communities, my heart wept with infinite sadness, but I told myself to be strong for I was there to give light and hope to their broken lives, for hope is the food of faith, and when we allow ourselves to hope, we allow ourselves to live. Rise Up Lingig! We will not leave you behind! Wayay Bija-ay!" - Jessierec Azarcon, RN

>> Read the full account of Operation Wayay Bija-ay here.

January 10, 2013

A check worth Php 174,000 was turned over to GK by one of the country’s leading IT solutions providers, Integrated Computer Systems Inc. (ICS). The employees decided to pool in funds from their personal money to donate to the victims of Typhoon Pablo. This was spearheaded by Ms. Lailah Dizon, Training Officer of the Human Resource Department together with Ms. Celeste Lorayes, HR Manager. When the President of ICS, Mr. George T. Barcelon heard about what his employees were doing, he decided to also contribute by doubling the amount that will be raised by his employees.

Thank you to Integrated Computer Systems Inc. for your generosity! Your contribution will definitely make a difference to the victims of Typhoon Pablo. We hope that there are more good souls like you. Help us feed more children and transform lives!

>> Read the full  story in "Integrated Computer Systems Inc. Partners with GK"

January 9, 2013

Operation Walang Iwanan is far from over. And we still need your help! We received an update from our Team in Surigao:

"In a meeting with volunteers from Madrid, Surigao del Sur together with Team GK CARAGA, Team GK SDS to plan for our "OPERATION WAYAY BIJA-AY" on January 12, 2013. We'll have a MEDICAL MISSION & PARAISONG PAMBATA for victims of Typhoon Pablo in Lingig, Surigao del Sur. Exciting online & onground movement building, one town after the other!!! The impact of volunteerism in Surigao del Sur is getting viral and exciting!

One community at a time, one town at a time. 



Last December 28, Team GK held the Operation Walang Iwanan: Paraisong Pambata to bring Christmas to children in Compostela, Compostela Valley and Cateel, Davao Oriental. Thanks to our partners and the individuals who gave, we were able to bring a piece of heaven to the survivors of Typhoon Pablo. Truly, Christmas Lives! :)


December 29, 6:00 PM

Christmas brought to the kids in Cateel, Davao Oriental! Update from our Cateel team below:

"Kids always look forward to receiving gifts during Christmas! On December 28, 2012, the Feast of Holy Innocents, few weeks after the typhoon, GK and its partners brought the spirit of giving and joy by sharing rice meals, ice cream, powdered milk for kids and moms, apples, lollipops, toy gift sets, pairs of new slippers, relief food packs, boxes of noodles, sacks of rice, assorted soap, shampoo, toothpaste products, new laminated sacks & used tarpaulins for temporary shelter shed. Thank you to our GK volunteers from Cagayan de Oro, Butuan, Tacurong, Bukidnon, Davao, Metro Manila (yes, we've got volunteers who flew in!), Cateel LGUs & AFP for helping us out in our Christmas celebration, gift giving and church clean-up! Thank you to our friends and partners! These kids are part of the 9,844 families (85% of about more than 11,000 families living in Cateel) whose houses were totally damaged by Typhoon Pablo, most of them were injured and some of them even lost their family members. THANK YOU for all those who HELP in making this Christmas party possible and unforgettable for the kids of Cateel. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!"

And to everyone who donated to us online and through bank deposit, you're very much part of bringing Christmas to these kids too! We wouldn't be able to pull this off without your help and support too! 

December 29, 12:30 PM

Christmas brought to the kids in Compostela Valley and Cateel! Update from our ComVal team below. Maraming salamat po! :) 

"Thank you to all who supported and joined our Paraisong Pambata in Compostela and New Bataan especially Team GK Davao, Team GK Iligan, our partners: Selecta, Meralco, Jollibee, Leslie's, Unilab. Special thanks to NYK Logistics for helping us transport our donations from Manila to Davao! Thank you also Team GK Uswag, to the provincial government of ComVal and the LGU's! To everyone who helped us out in the diff't fun activities that brought back the smiles and joy to more than 2,000 kids affected by Typhoon Pablo, DAGHANG, DAGHANG SALAMAT!"

Thank YOU to all of YOU who've been following our updates and sharing the inspiration so we can inspire more people to help and take part! Let's continue to think of ways and create the means to keep hope afloat amongst the survivors of Typhoon Pablo. You can help! Walang iwanan!

December 28, 8:51 PM


Good news on primetime! Congratulations to Team GK for a successful Paraisong Pambata for the kids of Mindanao, and a BIG THANK YOU to those who shared time, talent and treasure to help us raise awareness & resources for Typhoon Pablo victims! :) You have made this a very special Christmas, and those smiles are because of you! May you continue to be blessed so you can be a blessing to others, especially the poor! Maraming salamat po, in behalf of the children of Cateel and Compostela! Walang Iwanan!

December 28, 6:18 PM

GK OPERATION WALANG IWANAN Update from Kuya Luis: "Dear friends, today two teams from GK Davao went to New Bataan in Compostela Valley and Cateel, Davao Oriental. We distributed 2,200 snack packs and. 2,200 toy sets for the kids and 2,200 snacks for the adults. Let's continue to think ways and create the means to keep hope afloat amongst the survivors of Typhoon Pablo. As we continue our efforts for the Typhoon Pablo survivors, we have activated relief operations to the victims of Typhoon Quinta in the province of Iloilo."

We'll keep you all posted! Thank you for following our updates for Operation Walang Iwanan and for sharing them here online and sharing the inspiration to your family and friends! Walang Iwanan! :)

December 28, 11:57 AM

Today is the DAY! :) Our teams from different areas traveled starting 11 PM last night so they can bring Christmas to the kids in Cateel and Compostela Valley! Update from our team below. Special thanks to all those who contributed time, talent and treasure to get this all done! ♥ Maligaya ang Pasko dahil hindi kayo nang-iwan! Salamat, salamat!

"Bread buns, Selecta ice cream, rice meals, milk boxes from Unilab and toys plus volunteers and several GK Teams from Davao, Sultan Kudarat, ComVal, Davao Oriental, Bukidnon, Iligan and Cagayan de Oro are going to ComVal and Cateel to hold the Paraisong Pambata for the children victims of Typhoon Pablo. We're excited and happy that these kids will get to experience Christmas! :)"

December 27, 9:38 AM

Tomorow is a special day because we're bringing Christmas to 4,000 kids in Cateel, Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley! Update from Tito Ricky Villanueva of GK Davao below:

"How was your Christmas? Was it good? Wanna share your Christmas cheer? We will be having simultaneous Christmas parties for the kids in Cateel, Compostela and New Bataan in the morning of Dec. 28. Party food, ice cream, brand new toys, and loads for fun for these goods - all good to go! Let us know if you're game to be an "Ate" or a "Kuya" for these kids for a day!"

And we really hope that you can join us! And bring your family and friends and help us show these kids that Christmas lives! ;) We'll wait for your call at (0917) 888 8674.

December 22, 7:30 PM

Still looking for last-minute gifts for friends and loved ones? Why don't you give these kids the gift of hope (and bring back their smiles!) by bringing a piece of heaven to these kids affected by Typhoon Pablo? Make a GK donation today and we'll send an e-card to your friends letting them know that their friendship isn't just a blessing to you but to others who need help too! On December 28, we are bringing Paraisong Pambata to Cateel, Davao Oriental and Compostela, Compostela Valley. Let us bring Christmas to these kids! :)

P.S. We are looking for party entertainers, clowns, magicians for the kids too! Please do let us know if you are or if you know someone who can help us out. Thank YOU! :)

DAY 15

December 20, 6:00 PM

It's 5 days before Christmas! And our friends, volunteers and partners are still on a high to help and reach out to those greatly affected by Typhoon Pablo, not only in Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental but also in Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Sur! Kudos! You guys are inspiring! Update from our Operation Walang Iwanan Command Center below:

"FSUU Student Leaders, KB members, GK volunteers and workers having fun and sharing smiles while packing relief goods at the Operation Walang Iwanan Command Center. Volunteerism is indeed more fun in the Philippines! :)"

DAY 14

December 19, 1:30 PM

Many of our countrymen are far from getting back on their feet, and many kids will be spending their Christmas in evacuation centers. We can make sure these kids still experience the hope and spirit of the season, and we are hoping ew can count on you again for Operation Walang Iwanan: Paraisong Pambata this coming December 28.

Team GK will bring Christmas to 2,000 children in Compostela, Compostela Valley and 2,000 children in Cateel, Davao Oriental through fun games, story-telling, singing and dancing! Help us help them believe and smile once again!

Together, let us show these children that despite this tragedy, truly, Christmas lives.

DAY 13

December 18, 12:32 PM

Our Operation Walang Iwanan Command Center in Butuan continues to cater for those affected in Typhoon Pablo in Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Sur. Just received an update from our team (below) and you can continue to be part of it! :)

"We had our medical mission last Saturday in La Paz, Agusan del Sur. Doctors, nurses and health volunteers from Urios, Pho and Santos Hospital came to share their time and expertise! Today, volunteers from FSUU are loading relief goods to be delivered to Veruela, Agusan del Sur. We still have a long way to go and we need all the help that we can get!"

DAY 12

December 17, 7:05 PM

A year ago, Typhoon Sendong left thousands to spend Christmas in darkness. Today, families can now spend Christmas in these beautiful Gawad Kalinga communities (in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro). But many more are still in need, because this December, another supertyphoon has left our countrymen without homes and in despair. These communities are proof that IF we all do our part, we can show these families that hope is alive and despite the tragedy, CHRISTMAS LIVES. Give today!

December 17, 8:35 AM

Starting our week with an update from Kuya Luis (below) and we'd like to share this with you. Let us continue to find ways to help.

GK Operation Walang Iwanan Update: Cateel, Davao Oriental Medical Mission (Dec 13 to 16). With 39 volunteers of doctors, nurses and young people supported by the local government and survivors, covered 7 barangays, distributed 2,242 food packs and attended 1,398 patients. Ordinary Filipinos creating extraordinary moments of caring and sharing. Inspiring victims to survivors, strangers to friends, and with the Lord's blessings turn mourning into dancing! Let us continue to find ways to help. WALANG IWANAN!

Let us continue to show the survivors of Typhoon Pablo that despite this tragedy, Christmas Lives. Give today!

DAY 11

DAY 10

December 15, 8:16 PM

Many Typhoon Pablo survivors are still in need. Help us show that despite this tragedy, Christmas LIVES. Visit our website to hear from our teams on the ground and get updates on how you can help!

December 15, 3:53 PM

Qure It employees celebrate Christmas 2012 quite differently this year and help pack clothes and goods for distribution to the victims of Typhoon Sendong. You too can make this Christmas more meaningful and volunteer your time, give any amount that you can, and help us reach out to those who need help the most. Together, we can show the victims of Typhoon Pablo that despite this tragedy, truly, Christmas lives. Give today!


December 14, 8:50 PM

We can all do our part to help the Typhoon Pablo victims. Today, Globe Telecom and SingTel hand over PhP 100,000 to support the Gawad Kalinga Medical Mission for the Typhoon Pablo victims. Miracles of solidarity can truly help us rise above this tragedy. Walang Iwanan!

December 14, 8:33 PM

Update from our volunteer doctor whose team just reached Surigao to help us in this weekend's medical mission: "Team GKAL (Gawad Kalusugan) Southern Leyte is now gearing up for our medical mission trip to Cateel, Davao Oriental. Bringing with us medicine and volunteers for our poor brothers in harm's way. Jumped off Maasin early dawn of today, December 14, and expected arrival at ground zero tomorrow morning. This is gonna be a life-changing experience. Please pray for us."

December 14, 1:27 PM

MANY MORE ARE STILL IN NEED, and every peso matters! With a minimum donation of Php 200, you can help keep a family from going hungry or provide them with much needed medical kits. Our volunteer health workers have reached out to survivors in New Bataan, Compostela Valley, and today, our medical mission teams will be serving over 3,000 families in Cateel, Davao Oriental. Let's pray for their safety and success. Help us show the survivors of Typhoon Pablo that despite this tragedy, Christmas Lives. Give today!

December 14, 9:48 AM

Today our medical mission teams will be proceeding to Cateel, Davao Oriental. The medical teams will be divided to serve 5 barangays: Aliwagwag (304 families), Maglahus (348 families), Aragon (947 families), San Antonio (816 families), San Alfonso (836 families). Let's pray for their safety and success. WALANG IWANAN!


December 13, 2:59 PM
An update from our Davao Team: "Just got another call from a team of doctors from PGH (Manila). They will be arriving thsi Saturday and they're requesting to be deployed to a hard-hit area. Shucks. Nahihiya ako sa sarili ko. I didnt expect a lot of responses to the call to care and share. Front seat to God's miracles." - Richard Villanueva

December 13, 2:05 PM
"Incredible! 35-40 Davao doctors (surgeons, pedia, etc) will be going to Cateel Sat early morning to answer the call for help. Walang iwanan, Saludo!!"


December 12, 1:11 PM
Volunteers left Butuan at 5 AM this morning to distribute 1,500 nipa, plastic canvass and nails for temporary shelter; and 550 relief packs to Binucayan, Loreto, Agusan del Sur. Today, we're targetting 2,000 food packs to be distributed to families in Loreto and La Paz, Agusan Sur tomorrow. 

December 12, 10:27 PM

Total packed today for Cateel. Salamat sa lahat tumulong.

December 12, 1:23 PM

First batch (1,358) bound for Cateel. Will be needing more volunteers to pack another 1,000 tonight. We also need volunteers now to load these food packs on to a truck bound for Cateel. Please proceed to GK Walang Iwanan Ops Center along Sandawa road near McArthur Highway.


December 11, 6:30 PM
They just keep coming and coming and coming! Inspiring! And for that we are grateful! Daghang salamat! :)

Update from our relief efforts in Davao: "Students from Philippine Science High School drops off their donations. Student volunteers (still in their uniforms!) prepare another 1,000 relief packs, this time for Davao Oriental. We will be making another round of distribution. Tara na! Kelangan ka ng mga kababayan mo! "

Mabuhay ang kabataang Pilipino! 

December 11, 12:30 PM

Operation Walang Iwanan, Butuan: We are also accepting medicines for the victims of Typhoon Pablo. We are organizing a medical mission together with FSUU for La Paz, Agusan del Sur this coming Saturday, December 15.

December 11, 9:30 AM

We are inspired by this email that we got from our French volunteers. Even those from other countries are responding to the call, and we can only pray that all Filipinos do their share to help the victims of Typhoon Pablo rise again. 


December 10, 5:30 PM

Know what inspired us today? These photos. :) 

Operation Walang Iwanan Update from our Command Center in Butuan: "After class, elementary, highschool and college students from nearby schools are back here in the Command Center and are happy to pack relief packs again. We had a long line of volunteers who want to join the distribution in Lingig, Surigao Del Sur."

They just keep coming and coming and coming! Inspiring! All for the families in Mindanao. Mabuhay ang kabataang Pilipino!


December 9, 10:35 PM

Everyone is a hero! Young and old, students and teachers, private and public officials. They are heroes in their own way. Students from FSUU since Thursday never get tired in helping the victims of Typhoon Pablo. Teachers from elementary to college are always there to assist. Officials from different government agencies joined the distribution of food packs. You can be a hero too! Give today.

December 9, 6:00 PM

A salute to our GKal Davao volunteer health workers for their heroic response in New Bataan, Compostela Valley. They treated hundreds of wounded survivors of typhoon.

December 9, 5:15 PM

This is GK Bansilaw, Monkayo in ComVal. Praise God that there were no casualties but all the 48 houses are now roofless. The village needs 960 G.I. Sheets to restore our KB's shelter.For donations pls contact Bong Carmelotes at 09177110496.

December 9, 5:00 PM

Team GK in action! We were able to deliver 2,150 relief packs in Nabunturan, Montevista, Maco, Mabini, Pantukan, Compostela, & New Bataan. But more help is needed. We must not stop praying for our countrymen. We must not stop giving to alleviate their pain.

December 9, 4:30 PM

THE HEROES OF HINATUAN: Despite their town being affected by typhoon Pablo, the teachers of the schools used as evacuation centers never tired in helping their kababayans during these relief operations. The Kapitbahayan of GK Mahay in Butuan City traveled for 6 hours riding at the back of truck under the heat of sun and rain just to help in distributing the relief goods. No one is too small, No one is too Big!

December 9, 4:19 PM

MORE HELP NEEDED! The images we're seeing as we try to reach more families are still so heartbreaking. In Brgy. Marapat, the whole barangay is devastated. Even the evacuation center is affected. But as our brave volunteers distribute relief packs here in Compostela Valley, the smiles and 'thank yous' from the Nanays and Tatays fuel us to try and help even more people. Each relief pack only costs Php 200, yet this already means so much to them. Please help spread the word and give today!

December 9, 12:34 PM

Just distributed relief packs for our KBs in Mabini, & Pantukan, now on our way to New Bataan in ComVal.

December 9, 12:30 PM

The little sacrifice we make will go a long way for the family that will receive it. Sharing with you a story that Ate Issa shared with us below:

"I was talking to Manny and sharing Luis' heartbreaking stories from the relief operations, seeing so many small children among those who had lost their lives due to Pablo :( Our Kuya Aaron jumped into the conversation and asked us what we could do, since we usually bring him to relief operations and GK sites. He has decided to share his allowance to give P200 for a relief pack. Yesterday, GK residents of Laura Drive also said they would do the same. Yes, these are small contributions. And YES, it makes a difference in the life of a family that will receive the food pack!

No one is too poor or too young to give, and the little sacrifice on our part will go a long way for the victims of Pablo. 6282 food packs delivered as of Day 2. 3718 more food packs to reach our initial target. Let's please all do our share to bring the hope of Advent to our fellow Filipinos."

December 9, 10:59 AM
For today's Operation Walang Iwanan, 2 Teams have been formed for ComVal & Davao Oriental. And off we go..

December 9, 7:36 AM

Our team from Davao is up, up and awake! Update from our team below:

"Team GK getting ready to roll. Mission for today: Deliver food packs to Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental. Volunteers in Action. Because no one is and will be left behind. Walang Iwanan!!!! God bless the work of our hands."


December 8

We were able to distribute 1972 relief packs in CARAGA area with 52 volunteers from FSUU. Our Command Center in Davao was able to prepare 1,922 relief packs to be delivered today to Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental. And our team from Bukidnon started their clean up drive of their affected areas with 500 volunteers from Alemars and Central Mindanao University! Daghang salamat!

Thank YOU once again to everyone! To all those who reposted, shared, retweeted, shared their thoughts and took time to tell their friends that they can take part in our relief efforts! We also want to take this time to thank those who donated to Operation Walang Iwanan online and thru bank deposits! You have not allowed distance to keep you from giving!

December 8, 10:38 PM
Update from Operation Walang Iwanan in Davao below:

"We were able to pack 1,922 w/ 48 volunteers in 3 hours! Volunteers here in Davao sensing the urgency to provide help to victims of Compostela Valley & Davao Oriental! We exceeded our initial target of 1,000! And Tito Rene is already planning out w/ Kuya Dan Bercasio our itinerary for tomorrow's relief operation."

Thank YOU to all our volunteers and partners who have spent their time with us! It's a Saturday & yet volunteers of all ages are in evacuation and relief centers today. Bayani po kayo! Walang katulad! Daghang salamat! :)

December 8, 9:24 PM

Our young volunteers from GK Medsa, Davao! :) Ready to give their Nanays a hand...with lots of dancing in between. Because no one is too young to become one.

December 8, 4:44 PM

Volunteer orientation at our Command Center in Davao City. Pwede pa mo muapas! Target for today: 1000 relief packs! Thank you Desservir's Place! We're here at Sandawa Road! Kita ta ninyo dri!

December 8, 4:12 PM
Sharing a photo from our Team in Bukidnon taken yesterday during their distribution. "At Valencia City Gym with 23 volunteers from Pilipinas Natin, Catholic Youth in Action, Alemars students and Gawad Kalinga distributed 180 packs there."

And ongoing right now is a clean up drive in Meadows Area. Shoutout to all our volunteers in Bukidnon!

December 8, 2:43 PM

Operation Walang Iwanan Update from our Command Center in Butuan: As of today, 2,658 food packs were already distributed in CARAGA area. We have 52 volunteers here from the different colleges of FSUU. Marami na, ngunit kulang pa. We need more relief packs & volunteers. Bawat Kabataan Bayani!

During the team's ocular visit in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur today. This is what the Typhoon Pablo left the town with. Team GK CARAGA needs volunteers and donors, each food packs cost PHP 200.00.

December 8, 2:25 PM

To our friends, volunteers and everyone here in DAVAO! Operation Walang Iwanan Command Center is now OPEN. We are located at Sandawa Road near McArthur Hiway. This is the official volunteer and drop off center for Operation Walang Iwanan for the affected families of Typhoon Pablo. Contact Tito Ricky at 09178888674.


December 7, 9:00 PM

Thank you to all the volunteers who risked life and limb to rescue those who are in need and who joined us from the start of our relief efforts. In times of disaster, we always do what's best for our countrymen. We stand by on our resolve to leave no one behind, and we treat everyone as brothers and sisters!

We were able to distribute 5,432 food packs in 10 areas in Bukidnon, Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Sur and Compostela Valley. But we still hope to be able to reach more families! You can continue to give, volunteer, or donate online. No contribution is too big or small. It makes a difference.

December 7, 8:52 PM

We just distributed 280 food packs to Sta. Josefa, Agusan del Sur. Thanks to our volunteers, the local government unit and the SVD Parish.

December 7, 8:00 PM
Hope shines brightest in darkness, and everyone can do their part to help. With the help of barangay leaders, our SIGA youth from GK Majay and other brave volunteers take charge of the distribution of relief packs to affected families in Veruela, Agusan del Sur. We can still reach so many more! Do continue to give, volunteer or donate online. Walang Iwanan!

December 7, 5:30 PM
Updates from our Operation Walang Iwanan Command Center in Butuan: The maintenance team of FSUU (because everyone can take part!) since yesterday has been part of our bayanihan here. It's also exams week at FSSU but the outpour of student volunteers is overwhelming and they've been with us from the day we set up our relief operations. 800 relief packs were delivered to Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur & 1,972 to Veruela & Talocogon, Agusan del Sur today.

But we still hope to be able to reach more families! You can continue to give, volunteer, or donate online. Maraming Salamat po!

December 7, 2:20 PM
Just got our signal back. We're currently here in Brgy. Naboc, Monkayo, ComVal bringing 600 relief packs to the families here. Our other team already delivered relief packs in Compostela and New Bataan. Let us continue to pray. It's been raining again.

December 7, 9:59 AM
Our valiant volunteers distribute the relief packs in Brgy Osmena, Compostela Valley.

December 7, 7:54 AM
The darkest moments of our history have always been the shining moments of our people. Yesterday, GK beneficiaries from Butuan led the repacking & distribution. The Sendong victims of Iligan are mobilizing to go to Compostela Valley to help, because Team GK ComVal spent almost a month building homes for Iligan last year. We have distributed 850 food packs, and 5,407 more are ready for dispatch today. But we have a long way to go and WE NEED YOUR HELP! Each relief pack only costs P200 - the little sacrifice we make will go a long way for the family that will receive it. GIVE NOW!

Photo taken during yesterday's assessment in Compostela Valley. Homes once stood in this gushing river. We can only pray that more than distributing relief packs, our presence will give them hope and make them feel that we won't leave them behind.

The perspective of every GK Hero: Our Twin Pillars facing a difficult, trying, and probably one of the darkest moments of our country. They will lead TEAM GK in crossing our River Jordan and claim the hope and future that lies beyond, showing our 2 SAGIP kids the strength, faith and resolve of being a Brother's Keeper, that they too, would love and care the way they do. This photo is taken by every GK Hero saying, "NASA LIKOD NIYO KAMI, DI NAMIN KAYO IIWAN!"

December 7, 7:25 AM

Starting Day 2 of Operation Walang Iwanan with a prayer with the whole team. "Lord, may you give us the strength we need today." 2 teams to be deployed in a while here in Compostela Valley: in Monkayo and Compostela. Hope you are one with us in prayer.


December 6, 10:44 PM


Thank YOU to all those who shared their time and resources (even online!) to show their love to our brothers and sisters in Mindanao who were affected by Typhoon Pablo. It's just day 1 but your generosity is overflowing and we are grateful to you, our friends, partners and volunteers!

We were able to distribute
850 food packs in 6 areas in Bukidnon, Surigao del Sur and Agusan del Sur. And able to come up with 5,407 food packs (by 625 volunteers!) to be distributed today in different areas in Compostela Valley, Bukidnon, Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Sur.

But we still hope to be able to reach more families! You can continue to give, volunteer, or donate online. Shoutout to all our student volunteers who are currently having their exams and yet in between classes or after their classes, took their time to drop by and help in our relief operations. Mabuhay kayo!

* Butuan
400 food packs distributed (120 in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, 280 in Agusan del Sur)
300 volunteers
2000 food packs to be delivered tomorrow

* Bukidnon
450 food packs distributed (12 in Pinatilan, 185 in Maapag, 198 in Catumbalon, 55 in Central)
25 volunteers
1100 food packs to be delivered

* ComVal
300 volunteers
2307 food packs to be delivered

December 6, 7:43 PM

Everyone is attentive as Kuya Luis' shares what his team encountered today as they went to visit a GK community in Compostela Valley. Meeting, brainstorming and giving assignments for tomorrow's distribution of food packs in 3 areas here in Compostela Valley. Preparing our hearts of what we will see and encounter.

December 6, 6:37 PM
Team GK Caraga working with Fr. John Young and FSUU. No longer just beneficiaries, our GK Kapitbahayan residents and leaders from GK communities in Mahay, Abilan and Pagatpatan are on standby for distribution of relief packs to Agusan Sur and Surigao Sur. No contribution is too big or too small - we can all make a difference! Donate online, volunteer or help us spread the word. Let's continue to be our brothers' keeper. Walang Iwanan!

December 6, 5:17 PM
Heartbreaking photo, but the heroism of Filipinos who are risking life and limb for rescue operations, the generosity of donors big and small and our volunteers in relief and evacuation centers give me hope and confidence that we can rise above this tragedy. Walang Iwanan!

"This would have been a normal image if not for the fact that this huge river wasn't here before typhoon Pablo. Hundreds lost their lives. I spoke with a victim who lost 57 tears left, only confusion, anger and guilt of surviving. Let us not tire in helping. They lost so much, with our little help, it could mean everything for them. Shed tears when I came upon a cadaver of I think a 7 year boy, covered with mud, unclaimed. Let us not tire in praying..."
- Luis Oquiñena

December 6, 3:13 PM

Team getting ready to be deployed to Compostela Valley to deliver 2,307 relief packs. Thank you to all our volunteers from Ateneo de Davao University, Team GK Sultan Kudarat, Team GK Davao and the individual volunteers who came to help us repack. Galing ninyo! Woohoo! :)

December 6, 1:16 PM

Reinforcements from Team GK Sultan Kudarat here in Davao City!!! Because helping knows no distance! And they're joining us in deploying our first batch of relief packs in Compostela Valley later.

388 food packs were distributed today at Pinatilan, Maapag and Catumbalon. In partnership with the Social Action Center of the Diocese of Malaybalay.

December 6, 12:45 PM

As of 11 AM, we have distributed 191 food packs in partnership with the Social Action Center of the Diocese of Malaybalay in Valencia City, Bukidnon.

December 6, 12:10 PM

Thank you MINT College for this!!! Everyone can take part. Target: 10,000 food packs. Let's do this! All for our brothers and sisters in Hinatuan (Surigao del Sur), New Bataan (Compostela Valley) & Valencia (Bukidnon). Daghang Salamat!

December 6, 11:58 AM

Team GK Bukidnon on the move. As of 11 AM, we have distributed 191 food packs in partnership with the Social Action Center of the Diocese of Malaybalay. Photo taken in Brgy. Catumbalon, Valencia City.

December 6, 10:45 AM

Maayong buntag! Students from Ateneo de Davao University are helping us repack relief goods to be distributed in New Bataan, Compostela Valley. It's a school day but they're joining us here today! Daghang salamat!

December 6, 10:13 AM

"GK Operation Walang Iwanan Update: we are currently in the final stage of starting relief operations for Hinatuan (Surigao del Sur), New Bataan (Compostela Valley), Valencia (Bukidnon). In times of tragedy, many are tempted to ask WHY...Team GK is trying to be the answer to the question WHO WILL HELP?..TEAM GK WILL!"

- GK ED Luis Oquiñena

The photo below c/o Ateneo de Davao University. First 100 sacks of rice being repacked for distribution to Compostela Valley.

December 6, 9:40 AM

We just landed in Davao. One team will be setting up here in Davao City and another team together with Kuya Luis and Kuya Mari will be traveling to New Bataan, Compostela Valley to assess the situation. Will keep you guys posted! Let us continue to pray for those greatly affected by Typhoon Pablo.

Help us reach our target of 10,000 food packs!

December 5, 11:50 PM

One of the best things about being part of Team GK is we never have to feel helpless or hopeless when disaster strikes. We are already consolidating on-ground reports and planning how we can best support on-going relief operations for those affected. For those that want to help, we accept cash donations online and via bank deposit. And for our valiant volunteers, please be on standby. TEAM GK is ON-CALL.

December 4, 10:00 AM

From Richard Villanueva: Residents of GK Dahican-Etobicoke in Mati Davao Oriental have been evacuated already. Our other coastal GK community (Banaybanay) in Dvo Oriental is good. In Davao City, GK San Nicholas in coastal Punta Dumalag is ok but on alert level. Both Dvo Oriental and Compostela Valley report of super strong winds while Mabini, Maco and Pantukan national roads are not passable anymore due to floods.

December 4, 9:00 AM

From Jerome Paler: Sa St. Bernard, So. Leyte, sanay na sila sa pre-emptive evacuation, including Eddie and Dodo and the KBs of our Fisherman's GK village, signal # 3 kami dito but the rains and winds has stopped, nevertheless, still on alert mode for any casualities.

From Joyce Bentoy: Need prayers here in Iligan. One of our sites ay tumataas na daw ang tubig sa creek. Barangay and KB's are assessing the situation if need for evacuation na ba. Pero as of now, okay pa naman ang site.

From Rene Rieta: Requesting for more prayers. People from Mindanao are not used to typhoon winds. Reports from Comval below. In Davao Oriental, similar is happening but more roofless houses.

"Medyo marami na damage Tito especially Compostela. We will just pray na mag slowdown siya sa Tagum malakas din hangin baha na rin sa Mabini, Maco at Pantukan. Di na passable ang mga natl roads."

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