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Ending poverty is a journey with many routes. Find new and exciting ways to get involved and make a difference in the lives of others today.

Be a Builder

of the first

Farm Village University

in the world:

GK Enchanted Farm

Pioneering the flagship FVU

GK Enchanted Farm:
The first of 25 Farm Village Universities

A Farm Village University (FVU) is the convergence of community, school and industry for countryside development, using a top-down, bottom-up approach to lift the bottom of the pyramid for a kinder, safer, happier, and inclusively prosperous Philippines.

The first prototype is GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan. A 35-hectare mentorship hub for social business incubation, it is an ecosystem that inspires and enables innovations for socially relevant partnerships between the rich and poor, urban and rural, micro and macro, local and international, public and private sectors, bridging classrooms to grassroots communities to create prosperity for all.

Your contribution will help the GK Enchanted Farm build the capacity of the bright poor from public schools through Social Education

Social Education is Key

With 86% of public high school graduates unable to get a college degree, so much of our human capital is wasted.

GK Enchanted Farm provides access to experiential and entrepreneurial education to intelligent but poor students from the countryside. It uses an integrated approach to unleashing the potential of smart students from public high schools to grow intelligent hearts, compassionate minds and productive hands, where classrooms are connected to communities.

Through servant leadership development and experiential learning, we incubate nation-builders and future leaders of the Philippines. As a Farm Village University, GK Enchanted Farm

And fuel a movement to bring about large-scale social change by inspiring 500,000 global social entrepreneurs

provides a dynamic, democratic space for social education and innovation to bring about large-scale social change by raising an army of 500,000 global social entrepreneurs.

The best for

the least, to

bring out the

best from

the least.

As the country prospers,

your social investment as

an FVU Builder of the
      GK Enchanted Farm will
develop innovative
opportunities for the poor so

they won't be left behind

Time to see what the rest

of the world already

knows: The Philippines as the new land of opportunity

At last, a rising Philippines

The Philippines is now the fastest growing economy in the world, next only to China, according to a recent 2015 Bloomberg report. Rich in natural resources with a young and growing market of over 100 million people, it is forecasted by HSBC to become the 16th largest global economy by 2050.

It is the investors’ darling in the emerging markets and the country continues to grow in popularity as a tourist destination in recent years with its year-round tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and culture of hospitality.

The GK Enchanted Farm as the first Farm Village University will inspire a nation to create prosperity for all

Meanwhile, 20% of Filipinos still live on $2/day and unable to meet their basic needs, with lack of access to education and livelihood opportunities perpetuating the vicious cycle of poverty.

Your support will allow GK Enchanted Farm to generate socially progressive business and development initiatives for sustainable peace and inclusive wealth, beginning with social education.


I am a Filipino
and I am now
making a stand.

A stand for God, my
country, my people.
A stand against poverty.
I will end the #1 poverty of all in our country:
poverty of the mind and heart.
I will replace my colonial
mentality with a proudly
Filipino “BAYANIHAN”

-excerpt from

GK Enchanted Farm Manifesto

GK Enchanted Farm is the next phase of

Gawad Kalinga's roadmap to ending poverty.

As we continue to build new communities, Gawad Kalinga is entering a new phase of development, integrating sustainability in rural communities through agriculture and social business – the first prototype of a Farm Village University, the GK Enchanted Farm.

"It can be done."

GK Enchanted Farm in Bulacan – only two hours north of Manila – is proof-of-concept of an ecosystem for social, economic, and environmental sustainability built on the principle of solidarity (“bayanihan” spirit).

Over US$7m socially invested by institutional partners and thousands of service hours by local and foreign interns. But more is needed to reach our goal of 500,000 global social entrepreneurs by 2024! 

Ending poverty is not just the task of Gawad Kalinga or Filipinos, for that matter. While we have shown to the world that it can be done, it is only with bayanihan can we succeed in ending poverty in the Philippines. It is not about only doing good, but doing good together.

Growing from 2 hectares to
35 in only 5 years,
GK Enchanted Farm
will flourish with your FVU membership

Poverty in Perspective

At the HEART of our poverty is our disconnection from the land and our people.

The Philippines is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, yet many abandon the countryside to seek fortune in cities or abroad, leaving over 10 million hectares of fertile but unproductive land.

In the meantime, the country exports most of this wealth as raw materials and heavily consumes imported goods and foreign brands. 85% of our chocolate comes from countries that don’t grow cacao; 99% of our dairy is imported, 4% of which from countries that don’t even have cows.

Our farmers are getting older, averaging 57 years old, while there is diminishing interest among the young to venture into agriculture, opting to seek greener pastures in crowded concrete jungles instead.

With local and international partnerships, the Farm Village University taps the potential of our natural and human resources by raising social entrepreneurs to create patriotic businesses with significant social impact.

of a FVU Builder of GK Enchanted Farm


Your membership contribution is an impact investment. It will go towards providing enabling environments for public high school students to become future social entrepreneurs and nation-builders. It will cover various aspects of social education, including experiential and entrepreneurial development programs and workshops.

The social education will imbue and replicate the entrepreneurial DNA of socially conscious, innovative solution-seekers and the Gawad Kalinga values of compassion, character, competence, courage, and commitment.

Students will be raised as part of the global army of 500,000 social entrepreneurs: future leaders, game-changers, peacemakers, and inclusive wealth-creators.


As FVU builders and early believers of the Filipino dream, your participation will be recognized in various installations throughout GK Enchanted Farm, such as benches, pocket gardens and other functional structures.

While being silent heroes could be fulfilling enough for you, we would like to honor your support with your name on markers to serve as inspiration for others to follow your lead to do good together and claim their place in history.


Interacting with the GKEF community of welcoming and supportive residents, staff, interns and volunteers can be a life-changing experience. To enhance your stay we’re happy to provide each member with the following opportunities good for one person:

•   3 days/2 nights stay at IASIS Health and Wholeness Center

•   Farm activities during stay: farm hope tour, social enterprise demonstrations, light farming

•   15% off your one-time purchase at the Human Nature flagship store

Above good for one year and transferrable.

•   A 20% discount on meals at the Grassroots Kitchen at GKEF for the lifetime of the member, and is non-transferrable.


Levels of Support



As a regular FVU Builder of GK Enchanted Farm, each person signs up on an individual basis, and his/her name will appear with 9 other names in the marker, featuring 10 names total.

The annual US$1,000 membership contribution is good for one year with corresponding privileges available  for the same duration. Membership is renewable and highly encouraged. For the same amount for each following year, you will provide ongoing support to public high school students, so they can be nurtured every step of the way. You will also receive similar personal benefits each year, but without the marker.

The challenge we are taking on is monumental: social transformation to end poverty, so our collective efforts warrant the same bigness and constancy.


This type of membership is for a group of 10 individuals, with each person enjoying personal privileges similar to an individual FVU builder, good for one year and transferrable:

•  3 days/2 nights stay at IASIS Health and Wholeness Center
•  Farm activities during stay: farm hope tour, social enterprise demonstrations, light farming
•  15% off your one-time purchase at the Human Nature flagship store
•  A 20% discount on meals at the Grassroots Kitchen at GKEF for the lifetime of the member, and is non-transferrable.

The person’s name will appear with 9 others on the marker, featuring the 10 names of the group’s FVU builders. The group has the option to assign a group name in addition to, or instead of, the 10 individual names.

Similar to the regular individual membership, the contribution is US$1,000 per individual, valid for one year. Renewal is optional and highly encouraged.



With a commitment of 5 years, the Champion provides optimal support of a public HS student through ongoing, uninterrupted participation in social education programs.

The annual membership contribution is US$1,000, renewable every year for 5 years, with an option to make a one-time advanced payment of US$5,000. Every year you can enjoy similar personal benefits (but without markers for following years).

Personal benefits can be accrued and used at one-time or staggered throughout the years of active membership. Personal benefits are transferrable, so you can share the goodness and spread the advocacy at the same time.

Instead of 10 names for the regular membership, for FVU Builder Champions, 2 separate parties will be featured on the marker, each name representing the $5,000 contribution for a total of US$10,000, which is represented by the builder marker.



A socially-conscious and responsible option to providing perks to employees is a corporate membership at the first Farm Village University in the world, instead of the usual golf or country club.

Investing in social education of future generations benefits not just the youth but companies as well; young people represent future markets and collaborators. With this minimal company expense, your organization can help shape the way we do business in our society, starting with inspiring impressionable minds, building the nation along the way.

Within one year of active membership, employees and/or dependents of the FVU Builder Corporation can enjoy a total of:

•  (10) 3D/2N stays for 2 in a shared room at IASIS Health and Wholeness Center, OR
•  (20) overnight stays for 2 in a shared room, AND
•  (10) Sets of farm activities during stay: farm tour, social enterprise demonstrations, light farming
•  15% off purchases at the Human Nature flagship store with employee ID

For organizations, each marker will feature the name of the company.

Cast your legacy in stone with the Builder's Marker

On 35 hectares of land, markers with names of FVU Builders will be installed at strategic locations, honoring your participation as active early believers of the Filipino dream. 


Terms and Conditions



Unveiling of Builders Markers: JANUARY 17, 2016

FVU Builders of the first Farm Village University will be recognized at the official presentation at GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan, Philippines during the Global Social Business Summit in January 2016.

Details of the event will be sent out at a later time.
In the meantime, Save the Date!

FVU Builders Campaign

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