Caretaker Team
[Date Created: May 9, 2012]

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The caretaker team is essentially GK’s lifeblood on the ground. There would be no Gawad Kalinga without these extraordinary men and women whose sacrifice for the poor is beyond measure. There are thousands of them scattered in some of the most remote and troubled communities, doing the most challenging jobs in the worst of conditions, risking their own lives without counting the cost because they have discovered something precious – the joy of giving.

Like precious art masterpieces, our caretaker teams are priceless and their value is beyond definition. It is through their daily guidance and interaction with the communities that the delivery of our GK programs and activities is ensured at the village level. It is through their selflessness that the members of the community are empowered.

The caretaker team is selected based on their willingness to embrace the vision and mission of GK and to live out its values of faith, patriotism, and padugo (heroic sacrifice and service). This volunteer group is led by a project director and community organizer. They are responsible for:

   • Organizing communities into GK Kapitbahayans (GK neighborhood associations)

   • Delivering the values formation program

   • Implementing the community development plan and GK programs

   • Mentoring the community leaders towards self-governance