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Ending poverty is a journey with many routes. Find new and exciting ways to get involved and make a difference in the lives of others today.

Revolutions challenge the status quo and this particular one tried to do it from the runway.

Featuring models whose lifestyles are worth emulating more than what they wore, and the various social enterprises as valuable as the designer brands worth investing in, Passion & Fashion became the fun and creative reinforcement of what the two-and-a-half day Social Business Summit was about: innovation and inclusion.

At one point, the show brought tears to the eyes of many. The nanays (moms) and kids from the community wearing their beautiful ensembles and gracing the runway just like any other model sent a loud message that we are all equal in worth and dignity. Seeing the Filipino and French come together on-stage there spoke volumes of the solidarity being built outside of the fashion show limelight. Even though the room was filled with a crowd of 500, it could not have gotten more personal with everyone.  

In the end, Passion & Fashion was a fashion show that had little to do with fashion, and everything to do with humanity.

In program sequence, here are our Top Ten moments:

1 – Shanon Khadka, one of the GK Enchanted Farm’s co-founders, rocks it with his electric guitar in an unexpected transition from the scholars’ Rondalla performance of Moves Like Jagger.

2 – The French interns invade the runway. Comprised mostly of MBA students from the best in universities in Europe like HEC & LSE, the French have come from far away to work with the least and be in solidarity with Filipinos. Together, we can make the Philippines the first world country we envision it to be.

3 – Filipino, Filipino (to the tune of Bebot)! Our fellow Filipinos take to stage their beauty inside and out. Doing the catwalk include Jourdan Sebastian of Taclob (“to protect”), Wowie Meloto-Gonzalez of Human Nature, and Councilor of Iloilo City Jason Gonzalez.

4 – French & Filipino wear Fatima Guerrero’s flowy, farm chic designs. Fatima Guerrero is part-time Red Carpet partner & full-time designer.

5 – Surprise! The Frenchmen elicit ecstatic shouts and whistles from the crowd as they dance to “Noypi!” (Bamboo) sending a message that they are every bit the Filipino we are, as they do this work of nation-building with us.

6 – Nanay Brenda, the first nanay to walk on the runway, simply stole our breath away. Wearing Ditta and escorted by French interns Romaine & Louis, she held her chin high and moved with much grace and poise, just as good as any other French and/or Filipina models who modeled ahead of her.

7 – The crowd cheers as the two escorts send off Nanay Gloria with kisses on both sides of the cheeks!

8 – Surprise No. 2! A real tearjerker, Ben invites all the males in the audience to stand up and serenade the nanays with “She’s Always A Woman To Me”, as a tribute to their hard work and sacrifices. The gesture sent a strong message that the nanays in the community are valued and are every bit family to us. Probably the most beautiful and touching moment in the whole show.

9 – We start ‘em young! The Social Enterprise segment is kicked off by kids with Plush & Play toys and bags as their main accessories! In the background is a remix of “Bahay Kubo”, a perfect complement to their fruit and vegetable-themed wear.

10 – Obviously out to impress, Bambike social entrepreneur Bryan and Nanay Anielyn did not fail when they took over the stage riding on their bamboo bicycle! Also a scene stealer was Billy in his Mushroom hat dancing the cha-cha with Nanay Milette. Several social entrepreneurs showcased their passions, but the real stars were their community partners: the nanays who conquered the runway with grace and poise, with no less than Lady Marmalade playing in the background!

The show ended on a high note as the School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SEED) scholars, along with French interns and other members of the GK family, danced to Bruno Mars’ "Treasure." The SEED scholars and their dreams that include not just their own families but the poor as their extended family, as well as the many passions of the social entrepreneurs, really are treasures worth building on and fighting for.

* Photos courtesy of Jasper Costales, Noel Ramirez, and Gia Leanne Luga

* * * * * * * * * *

We especially thank:


Ditta for allowing us to use your collection on such short notice and making our nanays feel especially beautiful that night.

Fatima for your beautiful collection as well as your personal involvement in the preparations and the actual show.

Bryan, for the ingenious bambowties that accentuated the Barongs and suits just perfectly!

Bellabianca for the beautiful free-flowing infinity dresses worn by the French and Filipino Women.

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