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GK Indonesia

Indonesia was the first country outside the Philippines to adopt the GK model of development, starting with the education of children in Joglo, Jakarta. The passionate commitment of their GK volunteers has brought GK to 3 communities. Gerakan Kepudulian (GK in Bahasa) is transforming the lives of the poor and the youth here. Started by Filipino expatriates, GK in Indonesia has grown into a local movement where prominent Muslims and their friends are taking ownership of the work to assist their own countrymen.

GK Indonesia (complete name is "Yayasan Gerakan Kepedulian Keluarga Harapan Indonesia") are running the different GK programs in the following sites in & around Jakarta:

1) Cisadane - 18 families. This is a complete GK village with homes (built May 2012) and various programs running.

2) Dumpit - 30 families. Children are members of GK Scholarship & CYD (Child & Youth Development) Programs since 2010. We have an empty land which have been donated and where home & community facilities may be built.

3) Rawacana - 20 families. Children are members of GK Scholarship and CYD Programs since 2008. Residents are formerly from Dumpit but forced to relocate nearby in Feb 2012. 

4) Ciliwung 1 &2 - 85 families. 2 water systems and a learning center has been built. CYD Programs & Scholarship Programs started this year. 

5) Pekayon 1,2 and 3 total of around 150 families. A pre-school program has been started in June 2012. Productivity programs is planned to start this year.

In all sites, community organizing and values formation are in progress.

*update as of January 2013