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A Warm Welcome to St. Anthony Care Homes 2 Village in GK Golden Acres Las Piñas
April 14, 2018
By: Angela Bagadiong

Thanks to the generosity of Rene & Vangie Acedillo, 24 families now have bright and colorful homes that they can call their own. The kindness of the Acedillo duo truly transcends, as this is the second village they donated. The first St. Anthony Care Homes GK Village is in Paranaque. The newly turned over one can be found in GK Golden Acres site in Santol Drive Homeowners Association, Santol St., Las Piñas.

St. Anthony Care Homes 2 GK Village Las Piñas facade

It was brighter than usual down at the GK village last April 14. The heat of the summer sun was no match compared to the community’s warm welcome. Kids were seen flailing colorful flags as they cordially receive their guests with the greeting – “Welcome to St. Anthony Care Homes 2 Village!”

A bright, sunny day that captures the brighter tomorrows of these kids

The program started with a mass offering lead by Fr. Teo Rustia. He then proceeded with blessing each and every one of the 24 units.

The turnover ceremony was held in the presence of GK Head of Las Piñas, Emil Virtudes, along with Councilors Gerry Sangga, Boni Riguerra, RubyMar Ramos, Brgy. Chairman Josie Bumanlag, Kagawads Moral and Tisoy, and Marlyn Importante and Gela Bagadiong of GK Headquarters, among others.

Vangie Acedillo is presented a Certificate of Recognition for her generous support to the community.

After the mass and blessing, everyone gathered around and set their eyes on stage. The kids and moms prepared a little performance for their guests. A welcoming and thank you gift for their generous donors.

The fun and festive vibe was easily caught by everyone as they continue to cheer on the performers. The community is indeed filled with life and laughter.

Vangie, St. Anthony Care Homes 2 GK Village donor, was asked to say a few words to the community. There was a meaningful silence as everyone listened intently. She said “Huwag kayo mag-alala. Lahat ng mga problema niyo, pino-problema ko rin. Hangga’t sa makakaya ko, ibibigay ko.” (Translate: “Your problems are my problems. I will give as much as I can, while I still can.”)

She even expressed that she wished she could give more, like perhaps further expanding the size of the homes. The beneficiaries were quick to revert that it was more than enough. These are the same people who used to live in delapidating, shanty houses with poor infrastructures.

As the program closes with the house key turnover and contract signing, we slowly see the genuine smile of the beneficiaries.

What once was a narrow and murky area is now a thriving and nurturing community, thanks to the efforts of GK Las Piñas and GK USA. Without their help, this project would not have come to life.

Now, the light is here for the St. Anthony Care Homes 2 beneficiaries. However, there are still about 20 families who are in need of homes in the GK Golden Acres site. We wish to continue to spread the light to the rest of the communities through donors willing to lend a hand.
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