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Typhoon Pablo Reconstruction

Typhoon Pablo struck last December 2012, causing severe damage to infrastructure as well as trauma to the survivors, especially the children. Hundreds of families in Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental remain in evacuation centers, unable to go back to their homes and most of them suffering from malnutrition.

With Operation Walang Iwanan: Typhoon Pablo, we have reached out to the survivors through relief efforts, medical missions and a sustained feeding program for the children. Beyond relief however, we need to reconstruct what was damaged and relocate the families even before these disasters strike. With climate change, we expect these super-typhoons to be the new normal and the ones who are most affected are the poorest of the poor families living in danger zones.

>> GIVE TODAY to the sustained feeding program for Typhoon Pablo victims

GK is now calling out to partners to help us move these families out of crowded evacuation centers and hopefully back on their feet. You can partner with us by:

1) SCHOOL ROOF RECONSTRUCTION = Php 25,000 per classroom

Roofless classrooms all over areas affected by Typhoon Pablo

Because Typhoon Pablo has left many classrooms roofless, students are forced to hold classes in hallways, using makeshift tarpaulins as protection from the unpredictable weather. You can help us repair the following schools:

        * San Alfonso Elementary School, Cateel, Davao Oriental

        * San Antonio Elementary School, Cateel, Davao Oriental
        * San Isidro Elementary School, Cateel, Davao Oriental

>> Read about how Yabu: House of Katsu helped us raise funds for reconstruction by donating a portion (Php 300,000) of their day’s sales last January 21, 2013.

2) COMMUNITY RECONSTRUCTION = Php 110,000 per home

By becoming a community reconstruction partner, you can help us prevent loss of lives by relocating the survivors from vulnerable to safe areas. Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley are not used to typhoons, which makes a disaster of this magnitude all the more challenging. Much work needs to be done and much hope needs to be restored. We are hopeful though that the spirit of bayanihan that we saw since December will carry on until these survivors regain a fighting chance to live a full life once more. Help us build peaceful and productive communities where they can thrive!

>> Read about how the first 80 homes will now rise in typhoon-torn Cateel, thanks to the LGU, Gawad Kalinga, the Chinese and Philippine Soong Ching Ling Foundations and Kaisa Para sa Kaunlaran who have come together in unity despite the walls that divide.

If you are interested, please email us your contact details or give us a call and we will ask a GK Partnerships Representative to call you.

        GK Headquarters


You can also help out by giving a donation to OPERATION WALANG IWANAN. Let us transform this disaster into an opportunity to bring hope to the families affected by Typhoon Pablo. Walang Iwanan!


GIVE ONLINE via credit card: Click HERE
2) Give via bank deposit:
* Gawad Kalinga Philippine Peso Current Account: # 3101 0977 56 BPI EDSA Greenhills
* Gawad Kalinga US$ Savings Account
# 3104 0162 34 BPI EDSA Greenhills
(Swift code: BOPIPHMM)