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Tony Meloto Accepts the Social Entrepreneur for the World 2012
[Date Created: August 12, 2013]

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Photo by Jeannie Javelosa

Originating from four continents and symbolizing with their success stories the very sense of entrepreneurship, the “Entrepreneurs for the World 2012” Awardees were revealed Thursday at the World Entrepreneurship Forum’s prestigious annual gala ceremony here.

The Forum’s 5th edition, with the theme “Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Cultivating Communities to Drive Wealth Creation and Social Justice”, was held in the city of Lyon, France on October 24–27.

One of the leading bodies of its kind, the World Entrepreneurship Forum aims to foster sustainable development which combines both social justice and economic growth. This year’s event attracted over 200 participants from 59 countries – business and social entrepreneurs as well as policy makers, experts and academics.

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Sharing with you Tony Meloto's journey to Lyon to accept the Social Entrepreneur of the World Award 2012 below: 

October 25

"Lyon: The GK strategy for sustainable prosperity thru a caring economy captivates 500 entrepreneurs at the World Entrepreneurship Forum. We presented the Philippines as the best country for investment in Southeast Asia today with our honest and competent government, rich natural resources, big consumer base and educated and talented human resources. Also, Gawad Kalinga and other social innovators are working together with government, business and the academe to raise a new generation of wealth creators who will go for profit that will be kinder to the planet and will not leave the poor behind."  - Tony Meloto

October 24

"I'm overwhelmed by the growing interest in our brand of social innovation and the rockstar treatment I'm receiving in the top universities and conferences in France. Here GK is in the centerstage in a filmed 3 hour show in front of a 250 audience of top students and corporate executives including Marnix Fruitema, the Air France KLM CEO for Asia. Today they featured Frank Chiu in Forbes magazine on doing business in the Philippines. Tonight we have a big session at Orange auditorium organized by top business school HEC. Tomorrow the GK team moves to Lyon for the World Entrepreneurship Forum where I will receive the Social Entrepreneur for the World award. They are providing the whole team a villa and a limousine with driver for 3 days.

The Philippines is on a roll. Secretary Cesar Purisima was just recognized by the Eurozone as Outstanding Finance Minister for 2012. PNoy enjoys the highest respect here. For the first time a French Minister visited the Philippines last weekend. A lot of good things are coming out of our country. We are starting to get the right attention on the global stage." - Tony Meloto


"The HEC event last night at Orange auditorium organized by Alexis Buffet, former GKCSI long term intern, with Dean Benedicte and Olivier Girault attracted a big crowd of post-grad students and faculty. Top business students, engineers and designers are starting to see the Philippines as a gateway to the Asian market and GKCSI as the platform for social business incubation. It is inspiring to hear brilliant minds of the most prestigious French business school express their desire to discover the genius of the rising poor in GK communities." - Tony Meloto

October 23

"Team in front of the College des Bernardin for the GK session at the Grand Auditorium; note the announcement "An Evening with Tony Meloto, a Social Innovator from the Philippines" at the door. Big response from top schools and corporations but they had to limit to maximum capacity of 250." - Tony Meloto

October 22

"The GK Team (Clarisse Simonneau, Shanon Khadka, Vanessa Zabert, Frank Chiu) enjoying a moment of peace an hour before the opening of the. auditorium to the crowd for the big event at the Catholic College Des Bernardins: An Evening with Tony Meloto, a Social Innovator from the Philippines." - Tony Meloto

Update from Frank Chiu below:

"An Evening with Antonio Meloto, an Innovative Social Entrepreneur from the Philippines in College des Bernardines. Organized jointly by a Catholic orgaization of young Parisians plus top rival business schools HEC & ESSEC.

Highly energized crowd of 250 bright young men and women who appreciated hearing faith and values at the heart of wealth creation. Faith in action and fidelity to family and mission. Enlightened capitalism with pragmatic idealism. Love for country and building an economy based on solidarity.

In attendance -- AirFrance KLM Head of Asia, Marnix Fruitema and top university leaders."

October 21

"A pleasant tete-a-tete with the founder of AIESEC and friend Jean Chopin at the GK session at ESCP." - Tony Meloto

Update from Frank Chiu below:

"Tony Meloto was invited to speak at the 'Change Your Life to Change the World' session in the Cité de la Reussite (City of Success) at La Sorbonne University. Cité de la Reussite is a bi-annual gathering of 20,000 entrepreneurs, scientists and academicians all over the world listening to 120 top French leaders and GK was invited to speak. Tony Meloto was with Jean-Marc Borello, Founder and CEO of SOS Group, the biggest social enterprise in France with an annual turnover of €400million. The session was moderated by a famous French TV host, Bernard de la Villardiere. The usual staid French crowd facing economic depression gave enthusiastic applause to the good news of GK."

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