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The 4th edition of the Global Social Business Summit was held on January 20-22, 2017 at the GK Enchanted Farm in Brgy. Encanto, Angat, Bulacan.

This year's Summit with the theme, Social Market: Disruption for Shared Prosperity Now, focused on how disruption, innovation, and inclusion can constitute a fertile soil to grow shared prosperity.

Missed our SBS updates? See highlights below or you can also check our official hashtag
#DisruptionNow and read on stories of inspiration from global changemakers and social market builders.

DAY 1     

Social Business Summit 2017 hosts Issa Cuevas-Santos, Mark Lawrence Cruz, Izabella Tan, and Vincent Tatel formally opened the 3-day global event.

Gawad Kalinga Father and Founder Tony Meloto talked about the bottom up approach: "There is absence of love where there is absence of presence!"

Gawad Kalinga Executive Director Jose Luis Oquiñena tackled Disruption in Politics, Business, and Humanitarian World: Kuya Luis: "We are inviting you to a disruption based on values and vision. Hesitation is the counterforce of disruption. Never hesitate in caring for the poor."

Human Heart Nature Co-Founder Dylan Wilk on no firing policy: "To decide not to give up on these people, this is our non-negotiable."

SEED Philippines Dean Mark Lawrence Cruz: "If you've been to the Farm before, I urge you to explore even places you're already familiar with."

Panel Discussion on Scaling Up Enterprises to Global Brands with Anya Lim of Anthill, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz of Rags2Riches, Anna Meloto-Wilk of Human Heart Nature: "Most of the time you don't need to know the when and how but just be sure of the WHY."

Introducing The Malaya Collection! The Malaya Collection is a celebration of our shared humanity. It is about friendship, collaborative spirit and the heart of sharing. When we bring our goodness together, we weave beautiful masterpieces to share with the world. It is a labor of love between Philippines and Malaysia. It's a collaboration between social entrepreneurs: Reese Fernandez-Ruiz of Rags2Riches, Anya Lim of Anthill, and Shirley Maya Tan of GK Enchanted Farm.

Helen Yuchengco-Dee, Chairperson of RCBC, presented a token of appreciation to Gawad Kalinga, in support to its partnership with Kusina ng Kalinga.

Yassine Riffi during the launch of partnership with International Youth Organizations: "Doing little things is better than doing nothing."

DAY 2    

It's Day 2 of the SBS 2017! Impact Investor Shirley Maya Tan and Bella graced our morning session.

Fe Agudo, Pres and CEO of Hyundai: "Corporate social investment becomes a personal investment. It goes beyond philanthropy."

Joey Concepcion, Go Negosyo Founder: "You are providing the inspiration. It is the fuel for us to continue in life. In the end, that is our formula, the power of mentorship is what we want to adapt.”

David Thomas: "I keep coming back in GK Enchanted Farm because I'm very interested to see the transformation of social enterprises."

Afternoon breakout session: Building the ASEAN Platform for Social Entrepreneurship

"Free Birds envision self-reliant families and self-sustaining communities. Free Birds will set Filipinos free from hunger and poverty. GK made us realize that as long as we love the land, as long as we love the people in the land as long as we are willing to sacrifice and love this country, success will come. The real wealth is in the land. We don't have to go to Malaysia, Singapore, or other countries to become domestic workers or another OFW because we have the land. What we have to do is to build up ourselves, to have the right attitude, to have the right heart, to really love the land.” - Vincent Tatel, Social entrepreneur of Free Birds

Mice Geloso of Friendchips: "From stealing, now I'm selling. From being a thief, I am now a social entrepreneur of banana chips."

DAY 3    

Our French friends rocking Hyundai Center for Green Innovation at the GK Enchanted Farm on SBS 2017 Day 3!

Tony Meloto: "I am very happy that I am surrounded by the best people in the planet."

Tony del Rosario, GK SG Board: "Good idea. Craftmanship. Time, training, coaching, mentoring the community has capacity for excellence. Social business in GK communities shows that it can make it sustainable. GK communities can be really true partners in business. If you are present with the poor they can achieve excellence and they can achieve their dreams.”

David Thomas: "I am drawn to SEED not because they are poor but because they are inspiring. I am anxious because we need more students like them. Leverage - when you are ready we will be there. We are waiting for you.”

Sen. Bam Aquino: "The challenge that faces us today is to find each other to actively seek out each other especially these days when it seems so dark. The Social Business Summit brings people together. And together, we can light up the night sky. As people, we need to shine that light brighter these days.”

Berjaya unveils culinary training facility at GK Enchanted Farm
Manila Bulletin

Berjaya Group founder and Malaysian philanthropist Tan Sri Dato Seri Vincent Tan came back to the Philippines to fulfill another commitment to the Gawad Kalinga cause.

Tan Sri flew in the country to lead the unveiling of the Berjaya Garden Restaurant and Culinary Center (BGRCC), a training facility that supports the GK Enchanted Farm’s role as an incubator-hub for the country’s growing social entrepreneurship.

Berjaya Group Founder and Malaysian philanthropist Tan Sri Dato Seri Vincent Tan (center) with his daughter Chryseis and son Morvin.

Located in the GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan, the BGRCC is envisioned as one of the vital cornerstones of learning inside the farm – touted as the “first farm village university in Asia” – as it serves as the primary food center of the farm, catering to the 200,000 partners, entrepreneurs and students who visit the GK Enchanted Farm annually.

The food served in the restaurant is locally produced, sourced and processed, providing livelihood for local farmers.

BGRCC is also a school-within-community where students and social entrepreneurs can develop their culinary skills and products.

At the ribbon-cutting of the new facility. From left: Morvin Tan, Sen. Bam Aquino, Chryseis Tan, Berjaya Group Founder and philanthropist Tan Sri Dato’ Vincent Tan, GK Founder Tony Meloto, GK Executive Director Luis Oquiñena, and Berjaya Philippines Country Head Paul Soo.

Joining Tan Sri at the opening are: GK Founder Tony Meloto, Berjaya Philippines Country Head Paul Soo, GK Executive Director Luis Oquiñena, Sen. Bam Aquino, Berjaya Philippines Executive Director Tan Eng Hwa, GK Enchanted Farm COO Shanon Khadka, and Tan Sri’s children Morvin and Chryseis Tan.

The milestone marked the Malaysian conglomerate’s steady support for the GK mission. The Berjaya-GK collaboration started in 2012 when Tan Sri, through Berjaya Philippines Inc., pledged to contribute PhP300 million over three years to GK for the construction of houses for Filipinos affected by Typhoon Sendong and other natural calamities, as well as for poverty-stricken families across the Philippines.

To date, Berjaya has successfully helped build 820 GK houses in 14 provinces.

What began as a shared vision to help victims of calamity has now expanded to bigger dreams ofbuilding a sustainable template through initiatives such as the BGRCC that create life-changing impacts on the poor and needy. READ MORE

GK’s Meloto: Mere charity not working
Ronnel W. Domingo,

Gawad Kalinga Father and Founder Tony Meloto talked about the bottom up approach: "There is absence of love where there is absence of presence!"

Gawad Kalinga (GK) founder Tony Meloto Friday called on entrepreneurs to be agents of disruption who could channel changes that we face today toward a world where prosperity is shared across the social strata.

Meloto, speaking to an international gathering of delegates from about 20 countries including Malaysia, France, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, said one of the things to disrupt was the top-down approach to helping the poor.

“The top-down view is that the poor is the object of charity. We give to them, but we can live with the fact they live in squalor,” he said.

“We must disrupt this view, and being disruptive is not (about) what we do for others, but what we do with our self—to be a kinder person, for a world that is safer, and a community that is happier,” he added.

Meloto, the Inquirer’s Filipino of the Year awardee in 2006, spoke during the opening rites of the fourth annual Social Business Summit at the GK Enchanted Farm in Bulacan. READ MORE

This Malaysian heiress raised by Filipino nannies now pays it forward
Eric S. Caruncho,

Introducing the Malaya Collection! The Malaya Collection is a celebration of our shared humanity.

“I’m in the best place now, and where I should be,” says Shirley Maya Tan.

Her eyes seem to light up whenever she mentions the Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan, a Gawad Kalinga community that she and other “social investors” helped grow into a model township, complete with a livelihood enterprise and alternative university for budding social entrepreneurs.

“The farm is my home, my playground, my birthplace,” says the 47-year-old Malaysian writer, blogger and now, community builder. “My home in Kuala Lumpur is the fantasy, the transit lounge.”

Of all her titles, however, Tan seems proudest of one: “Mother of Spartans.”

The “Spartans” are the graduates of Gawad Kalinga’s School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SEED), a radical approach to education for the underprivileged that aims to transform rural youth into agents for social change. Instead of preparing them to be job seekers, the program makes them social entrepreneurs, creators of wealth, and generators of employment. READ MORE

‘Enchanted’ village hosts business summit in Bulacan
Frederick Silverio, The Manila Times

A remote farm village along rolling hills in Barangay Engkanto in Angat town of Bulacan has evolved into a self-sustaining community and an international farming university.

The town, formerly known for a host of stories on supernatural beings and for sometime a hideout of communist rebels, was converted into the Gawad Kalinga (GK) Enchanted Farm and Farm Village University that students from different countries visit to learn about sustainable farming and livelihood development.

Gov. Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado described the success of GK Enchanted Farm as “magical,” in his speech at the governor’s ball attended by 400 foreign students at the 4th Business Summit at the GK Enchanted Farm and Farm Village University.

The three-day event that began last Friday was also attended by students from various universities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Alvarado told the business summit participants that the story of Barangay Engkanto is as incredible as the fairy tales of old. READ MORE

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