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Walang Iwanan
[Date Created: August 25, 2012]


“Hope shines brightest in darkness. Miracles of solidarity can help a nation walk on water.” – Tony Meloto

Adversity brings heroes out of their safety zones –
1,134 volunteers of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds sacrificing their time and resources to bring hope to 11,300 affected families. When the heavy rains poured and the flood waters started to rise, Team GK responded by taking courage and immediately giving assistance to those in critical need. Corporate partners and friends also gave generously, making it possible for Team GK to give relief not only in NCR but in surrounding provinces as well. (For a complete list of partners, click here.)

We thank everyone who rose up to the challenge and became part of Operation Walang Iwanan. These miracles of solidarity can help us face any calamity, but it is this same spirit that can end the biggest disaster we still face as a nation. As one Team GK, let us continue to face poverty head on!


Please deposit to:

Gawad Kalinga Philippine Peso Current Account # 3101 0977 56 BPI EDSA Greenhills
Gawad Kalinga US$ Savings Account # 3104 0162 34 BPI EDSA Greenhills (Swift code: BOPIPHMM)

You can also donate online


THIS JUST IN! :) More miracles of solidarity! Because we put the needs of the poor first, God will also take care of our own needs. And we didn't even ask for it! God is good!

"The Skoll Foundation will make a small emergency grant to provide funding for you to ensure your offices and equipment are safe and high-functioning as soon as possible so that you are able to return to your core work soon as well as continue to provide services to the GK community and beyond."

Operation Walang Iwanan may be over (for now), but the spirit remains. More than a slogan, this is our GK family's way of life. Proud to be GK, proud to be Pinoy!


August 11, 8:00 PM

Today, Team GK was able to give out 1,275 relief packs to families in Minalin (Pampanga), 400 to families in Bataan, and 418 to families in Rizal, Pasig and Pateros. During the 5 days of Operation Walang Iwanan, the generosity of our partners and the heroism of our 1,134 volunteers allowed us to give out a total of 9,767 relief packs to affected families.

August 11, 3:22 PM

Flooded roads will not hinder us from reaching out and giving 1,275 food packs to the affected families of Minalin, Pampanga. We will forever bring with us the smiles of our brothers and sisters whose town has been submerged in flood waters for 5 days now. Many thanks to the generosity of our donors and the unwavering energy and heroism of our volunteers. Team GK, mission accomplished!

August 11, 2:17 PM

Still in disbelief that barangay after barangay, town after town could be submerged like this. We finally reached Minalin, Pampanga and it is now 5 days that this town has been submerged in water. It was heartbreaking to see, and we had to use alternative transportation to get to our drop off point in Brgy. San Francisco, one of the most isolated areas affected by the flooding. We are now on our way to giving out 1,000 food packs to the families here. We will not leave anyone behind!

August 11, 12:30 PM

Long stretches of road remain flooded despite the high sun. Passing through waist-deep water in Sapa, San Matias on our way to Minalin, Pampanga.

August 11, 12:08 PM

Yesterday, there was water practically everywhere in San Luis, Pampanga, but the smiles of the residents and the heroism of the volunteers shone through the darkness. Today, our teams are on their way to delivering 1,675 food packs to Minalin (Pampanga) and Bataan. The flood waters are still here, but no matter how hard the road may be, we will try to reach whoever we need to reach and bring hope to our fellowmen. Stand by for updates from the ground. Walang Iwanan!

August 11, 9:34 AM

This truck is loaded with 1,675 food packs, and around 35 volunteers are now on their way to Pampanga to deliver them. Around 25 volunteers are also at the Command Center to help with the loading and cleanup! We salute the matchless enthusiasm and energy of our volunteers.

August 11, 8:20 AM

Day 5 Operation Walang Iwanan: Kasama na din po natin ang mga volunteers from UP ROTC! :)

August 11, 7:34 AM

OPERATION WALANG IWANAN update: Team GK will deliver over 2,000 food packs to Bataan, Pampanga and Pasig. We will only accept donations until 12NN today. - GK ED Luis Oquinena


August 10, 11:50 PM

It’s almost midnight here at the Relief Center and we just finished packing 2,093 relief packs for tomorrow’s distribution! We salute the dedication of our volunteers, who heeded the call in such short notice. We are happy to report that we were able to surpass our target of 4,000 packs: 7,674 food packs by 1,069 volunteers for 42 communities in 4 days.

Pictured are Tita Ressel Ragada and 6 other Kapitbahayans from GK 88 SGV Village in Camarin, Caloocan. With just one text message calling for volunteers, they went all the way to Quezon City just to lend a helping hand. “Sobrang blessed kami na hindi kami natamaan ng baha. Wala kaming materyal na mabibigay, kaya ito na yung paraan namin upang makatulong sa kapwa. (We were so blessed not to be hit by the flood. We don’t have material things to give, so this is our way of helping those who are badly affected).”

August 10, 8:20 PM

As of 8:20 PM today, Team GK has prepared more than 1,000 new relief packs to be distributed tomorrow. This is in addition to the 1,400 relief packs that were distributed earlier today and the 6,374 that were deployed during the first three days. Through the bayanihan of partners and volunteers, these packs will bring colors of hope to families that for days have seen nothing but dark skies, torrential rainfall and flood. Let’s show our brothers the true meaning of Walang Iwanan!

August 10, 5:45 PM

Since our 2pm announcement, more than 100 volunteers answered the call and finished more than 1400 relief packs! The GK Relief Operation Center at DAR continues to be bustling with busy volunteers. Thousands released today and thousands more on its way.

August 10, 5:44 PM

On our way to distribute 800 food packs in San Luis Pampanga with Dr. Primo Andres of GK USA and USTMAAA. On a national highway enroute to San Luis. Our lead car...maybe in a while it will convert into a boat...Water every where you look in San Luis. - GK ED Luis Oquinena

August 10, 5:15 PM

"Dark clouds outside no match to our bright smiles. Hope shines brightest in darkness." - Tony Meloto

These smiles have taken our hearts away. We will see you again, Bamban, Tarlac.

August 10, 5:00 PM

No matter how far, steep, and rough, WE WILL LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND. This bridge is the easiest way for our Aeta brothers and sisters to reach the town proper. They were isolated since it went down because of heavy rains. Let's hope this makeshift bridge will last long to serve its purpose, but we are happy to share that we have distributed relief packs to 600 families in Tarlac. Thank you Lord for keeping our distribution teams safe.

August 10, 1:40 PM

Loading 600 food packs for 5 communities in Concepcion, Victoria and Bamban. Loading for San Luis, Pampanga (as of this update still inundated with water) 800 food packs, dry clothes and bottled water. For God and country! - GK ED Luis Oquinena

August 10, 12:59 PM

We will shift from North NCR to North Luzon. We will shift our relief operations to Pampanga, Tarlac and Bataan starting 2PM today. We will maintain our GK Command Center at HRD Training Center, DAR Compound, Quezon Circle. We continue to accept donations. Here we go! Target food packs 3000. We need at least 40 sacks of rice before 5PM.

August 10, 7:00 AM

GK Operation Walang Iwanan Update: After assessing the situation of the affected areas we are currently serving, we will accept donations except "cooked food" untill 12nn (August 10). We are just building up inventory of food packs for Pampanga, Bulacan, Cavite and Bataan. - GK ED Luis Oquinena


August 9, 10:00 PM
GK Operation Walang Iwanan Update: As of 10 PM, August 9, we continue to accept donations except "cooked food". We will assess situation in affected areas that we are serving. The next update will be 7 AM tomorrow, August 10. - Luis Oquinena, GK Executive Director

We will be accepting donations until 12nn tomorrow here at DAR, QC (Take Gate 1), til further notice. Contact 09064192016

We are happy to report to you that we were able to surpass our target of 4,000 packs:

6,374 food packs by 938 volunteers for 36 communities in 3 days.

We would like to thank our partners, donors, beneficiaries and most importantly our volunteers for being true to our call - to leave no one behind! (Walang Iwanan!) 

August 9, 8:30 PM
And we got another special guest in the house. Thank you Kean Cipriano for the goods and for taking your time to join us today! Walang Iwanan!

August 9, 7:50 PM
We ended tonight with more inspiration. We asked our volunteers to go around and thank their fellow volunteers as we close Operation Walang Iwanan for NCR Monsoon. Thank YOU too! :) Today's sharings below:

"I woke up wanting to do more to help." - Volunteer

"Napakalakas ng ulan pero nung nakita namin ang mga tao aming tinutulungan, nawala sa isip namin ang ulan." - Volunteer

"I see passionate Filipinos and even non-Filipinos and my heart is overflowing with gratefulness. In Baseco, our GK residents are helping their surrounding poor communities. They have become distribution centers for those affected by the flood. We go beyond ourselves, beyond our comfort zones, we are willing to give ourselves for those who are in need. The work is beyond the flood. This might be a reminder for us to see that there is still so many who are hungry around us and there's so much we can do. I am happy that I am in the midst of young people. I see you as a beacon of hope for this country." - Raul Dizon, Area Coordinator

August 9, 6:57 PM

Here at Sinagtala, Q.C. to give food packs to 196 families. We were informed that this area was submerged in a 6 feet high flood water during the heavy rains. Thankful for the capacity to help beyond our GK communities!

August 9, 6:07 PM

Reaching out beyond GK communities, we distributed 100 food packs for the residents living beside a creek at San Beda, Libis, Q.C.

August 9, 5:26 PM

"Nagdadasal ako kagabi na sana magkaroon ang GK ng maraming relief goods para mabigyan din natin ang iba pa nating kapatid na wala sa GK site. Maraming salamat at nasagot na ang aking dasal (I was praying last night for GK to have many relief goods so we can share them with our non-GK neighbors that were also affected. Thankfully, my prayer got answered)." - Ate Francia Dela Cruz

Ate Francia, the Project Director of GK Baluarte, requested for some relief goods not for their own but for the affected families at Odelco Riverside, Brgy. San Bartolome, keeping true to our promise that we will not leave anyone behind! We have provided 100 food packs for them. It is when we start to think of others and not only of ourselves that we truly become our brother's keeper! Saludo kami sa inyo, Team GK Baluarte!

August 9, 5:03 PM

We've got a special guest in the house bringing relief goods! Thank you Karylle for dropping by.

August 9, 4:52 PM

Today is our last day but hopefully this won't be the last time that we'll see & hear from you! You can still drop off your donations til 6 PM today. We'll announce where to drop off your donations starting tomorrow. Volunteers spending the last few hours repacking food packs & meeting new friends. :) It has been an inspiring 3 days with all of you! Maraming, maraming salamat po!

August 9, 3:29 PM

"Bagong Silangan, a place where we distributed 350 food packs. Still inundated with water and mud. A place not reached by the media. Bayanihan saved many lives. At the peak of the floods, water reached the roof level. No flood can break the Filipino spirit." - GK ED Luis Oquinena

August 9, 3:00 PM

Distribution of 150 packs of relief goods to residents and surrounding communities of GK Selecta, Cainta. OPERATION WALANG IWANAN Update: We have deployed 2,050 food packs in Baseco, Pasig-Pateros, Tatalon, STC, Madrigal & Pajo as of 1:40 PM today. As of today, we have distributed a total of 4,924 food packs to 29 sites. Thank YOU to our (total of) 656 volunteers...and counting.

August 9, 1:04 PM

We've got kid volunteers and French volunteers in the house! A lot of our volunteers brave the flood and rain in their areas so they can join us today. Thank YOU!

August 9, 12:17 PM

Off to GK Tawi with 15 4x4 Nissan Patrol cars carrying relief goods. Salamat sa Nissan Patrol Club! Woohoo!

August 9, 11:37 AM

Truck full of relief goods on their way to Tatalon, Baseco and Pasig-Pateros! The skies are clearer now and really hoping that this kind of weather continues throughout the day! Those smiles! Inspiring! :)


August 8, 10:26 PM

A big thanks to the volunteers who proved today that heroism can turn tragedy into triumph of the Filipino spirit and to our donors whose generosity allows us to reach so many families in critical need. With the bayanihan of 380 volunteers, were able to dispatch 1,924 food packs to 12 GK sites.

Tomorrow, we will go full blast in the distribution of relief packs to affected sites. All volunteers who wish to join us should be at the Command Center by 9am for briefing.

August 8, 9:44 PM

It has been 15 hours since we started our operations today pero very high pa rin ang energy ng mga kapatid natin dito! Bayanihan line on-going! Stop-dance naman ang peg namin ngayon habang nag papasahan ng mga relief goods! :) We are still online and you can be with us via our live streaming.

August 8, 6:31 PM

"Dark clouds outside are no match to the bright smiles of volunteers at the GK relief center. Hope shines brightest in darkness. Miracles of solidarity can help a nation walk on water." - Tony Meloto

6 PM, red signal up and we're still going! Last delivery of 100 sacks of rice for repacking and deployment tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. And we still have about 100 volunteers in the command center! Walang Iwanan isn't a slogan, its our way of life! Proud to be Pinoy, proud to be GK!

August 8, 5:10 PM

Despite being sick, Tito Tony Meloto is here with us in the Command Center to inspire our very committed volunteers. "Today, we are witnessing miracles of solidarity because of you. We are starting to realize that we ourselves can craft our destiny together. And calamity only strengthens our resolve to build our country. Thank you for being a hero today and everyday. You are what makes this nation great."

August 8, 3:20 PM

Team GK on the move. Deploying goods in the midst of torrential rain. Truck on the right just got back from Pasig/Pateros - unsuccessful in penetrating that area so we're sending the goods to Cavite instead. Truck on the left is deploying to Brgy. Tatalon in QC. Our volunteers show that the Filipino spirit is indeed waterproof! Prayers pls for our relief teams who are braving the rains to send much needed goods to areas that need them the most.

August 8, 1:00 PM

As volunteers on ground brave the floods to try and reach affected GK communities in Pasig and Pateros, volunteers in the command center work together to prepare even more relief packs. Keep the goods coming!

August 8, 11:40 AM

GK volunteers distributed 150 packs of relief goods to the residents of GK Camacho (Brgy. Nangka, Marikina City) and their neighbors. This village sits beside the Marikina River where water rose up to chest level, submerging homes along with their personal belongings.


August 8, 11:30 AM

The spirit of bayanihan reigned as we delivered 310 relief packs to GK Brookside in Quezon City. A nearby creek and river overflowed last night, so when we reached the place, some areas were still submerged in flood.

August 8, 11:17 AM

Coordinating the destination of goods. Where the heart moves, the resources follow. Volunteers started early today. The bayanihan line, passing the food packs to lighten the load and to hasten pace. Mabuhay ka Pinoy!

"Special thanks to Filipinos from abroad specifically to GK USA headed by Tony Olaes. The bayanihan line extended all the way to USA! Philippine National Police and GK volunteers also working together! Proud to be Pinoy! Loading 500 food packs for Pasig, Pateros and Marikina. Walang Iwanan!" - GK ED Luis Oquinena

August 8, 8:45 AM

As early as 7am volunteers from Ilocos, Isabela, youths from Gawad Kalinga communities in Quezon City and volunteers who saw the invitation from President Noy's FB Page started to repack food bags. Our goal: to distribute more than 3,000 food packs within the day.


August 7, 10:29 PM

Thank you to all those who have been helping us out today, from packing and distributing goods to disseminating the information online and thru text. To all the volunteers, gov't agencies, public & private organizations & everyone doing their best to reach out to those who are in need, mabuhay kayo! We can rise above this together. Thank you also to those who have been praying with and for us. Have a good rest. Tomorrow is another day to help out. No giving up. Walang Iwanan!

August 7, 7:28 PM

Day 1 of Operation Walang Iwanan: Volunteers braved the rain to deliver 550 relief packs to  6 GK Villages. As of 7:28pm, 110 GK volunteers packed 1000+ relief goods! Target: 4000 more by tomorrow. We need YOU! Join us at our command centers to help!

August 7, 2:34 PM

"We have dispatched probe teams to 9 areas. We will need at least 5000 food packs. Amazing response from volunteers!" - GK ED Luis Oquinena

August 7, 11:18 AM

"I am with GK volunteers in from Quezon City. We just established a GK Command Center for relief operations for North NCR. At HRD Training Center of Dept. of Agrarian Reform Compound. Quezon Circle. Take Gate 1. We are ready to accept relief goods. Initial target: 1000 food packs. We will need rice, instant noodles, canned goods, bread, coffee, sugar. OPERATION WALANG IWANAN is now activated." - GK ED Luis Oquinena

August 7, 10:43 AM

TEAM GK on the move! GK Executive Director Luis O is now on his way to QC to set up relief operations in the DAR Gym. We are also looking for any space in the Intramuros area (200 sqm or more) to set up operations for Manila and any big vehicles that can navigate through flood waters to deliver much needed food supply to evacuation centers or to those who are stranded. More details to come after the meeting.


AUGUST 11 (Saturday)
# of Volunteers: 60
# of Relief Packs Deployed: 2,093

Areas Served:
        Minalin and other communities in Pampanga
        Rizal, Pasig, Pateros

AUGUST 10 (Friday)
# of Volunteers: 136
# of Relief Packs Deployed: 1,400

Areas Served:
        San Luis, Pampanga

AUGUST 9 (Thursday)
# of Volunteers: 448
# of Relief Packs Deployed: 3,800

Communities Served:
        GK Tatalon, Quezon City
        GK STC, Quezon City
        GK Madrigal, Quezon City
        GK Baseco, Manila
        GK Karangalan, Pasig
        GK Selecta, Rizal
        Caliwag, Pasig
        Brgy Bagong Silangan, Brookside
        Brgy Bahay Toro, Sinagtala
        GK Santos Pasig
        GK Mapayapa, Paranaque

*Note: GK communities serve as distribution centers for affected surrounding communities.

AUGUST 8 (Wednesday)
# of Volunteers: 380
# of Relief Packs Deployed: 1,924

Communities Served:
        GK Brookside, Quezon City
        GK Camacho, Marikina City
        GK Communities in Pasig and Pateros
        GK Taguig
        GK Sitio Pajo, Quezon City
        GK Bagong Silang, Caloocan
        GK Communities in Tatalon, STC and Madrigal
*Note: GK communities serve as distribution centers for affected surrounding communities.

AUGUST 7 (Tuesday)
# of Volunteers: 110
# of Relief Packs Deployed:
Communities Served:
        GK Don Manuel, Araneta
        GK Melchora, Fairview
        GK Pag-asa, Fairview
        GK Maislap, Rizal
        GK Laura Drive, Taguig
        GK Sitio Ruby, Quezon City

*Note: GK communities serve as distribution centers for affected surrounding communities.

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