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BLOGGED: Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge 2011
[Date Created: April 21, 2011]

Daily Diary of Bayani Challenge 2011

On day 5 of Gawad Kalinga’s Bayani Challenge, the daily grind of working at the build site was coming to an end. While half of the GK Team USA remained on site to continue to build, the other half took a trip to visit students at Madridejos. GK Team USA and Intelus sponsored, games, prizes, and a group birthday celebration. Mode of transportation for this small trip: the back of a pick up truck. The unattached seats in the back of the pick up truck were definitely not California D.O.T. approved, but since I knew Tito Ed Figueroa was in the cabin with the driver – I knew everything would be o.k.

The GK and local interaction is part of GK’s initiative to go beyond the build sites, and really touch base with the surrounding community. From the looks on the children’s faces, the words “Gawad Kalinga” will always bring thoughts of happiness.

Bayani Challenge 2011 complete. Time to reflect.

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Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge 2011

When I read about the Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge 2011 some 3 months ago, I immediately decided that I’m gonna participate in the event. =) The only problem I had was that I had no sure team at that time. I was only glad when Team USC was looking for more people to join them. I did, even though I knew no one yet. :sweatdrop: Then I had my first build with the CWTS classes of Ms. Abrenica at GK Amazing Village (Budlaan, Talamban, Cebu City) at Andrew’s (GK USC Chapter president) invite some time February. :)

Almost two months after that, I joined team meetings. I had no problems with being the only girl in the team, but it’s a good thing that more joined in later. :yes2: There were only seven of us who went to Bantayan Island a day before the event. We stayed in an elementary school in Sta. Fe. We spent the whole day cleaning the boy’s room where they’d live in for the whole week (April 4-8, 2011). The girls were to stay in the high school. :sweat:

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5 Days in Bantayan Island And All I Got ...

I ought to be there.

When the year turned 2011, I was rearing for an adventure.  Be it with people I am familiar with, or with faces I can get acquainted once in a lifetime. Then, Facebook booked me a slot for an adventure.  GK Bayani Challenge 2011 appeared in my 'Events' list.  I had only been to two GK Builds - one at Budlaan and another at Talisay.  Yet, the experience allowed me to be receptive to their activities.  An added bonus is that GK is going to MY ISLAND --- Bantayan Island!

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Witnessing GK Bayani Challenge 2011

Around eight houses were built during the six-day Gawad Kalinga's Bayani Challenge 2011 (Kalinga sa Bayan) held at Bantayan Island last April 9. The rest will be finished by the beneficiaries as there counterpart for the program. There were many teams from a group of friends, family, individuals and companies like Globe and SingTel which in total of about 2,000
volunteers that spent time in attending the different events of the GK Bayani Challenge 2011. GK and the event is aimed at building a network of volunteers and fostering a spirit of volunteerism among Filipinos that goes beyond building houses for the poor.

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Five Nights, Five Girls, One Room

However, the reason why we were gathered was different. We get to spend one week in Bantayan, a small island in the Philippines with hopes of transforming it into a better place with 2000 other delegates from around the country, and outside as well. The Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge 2011 was a 1-week affair that provided different activities for different teams
that were to “gawad kalinga” or “give help” to those who live in the island. Teams were sent in different sites with different tasks, and our team was to refurbish one of the villages there. With half the team in one room, you could imagine we’d have a lot to talk about in the ride to the HQ or at the site, but no, it was awkward and quiet, just like the night before.

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A Letter: Dearest Family and Friends

I am now back from the GK Bayani Challenge in Bantayan Island, Cebu Province. Off from that happy place where I met friends who share the same goals for the Philippines, I am faced with this, umm, wall I have to traverse (I will now go into metaphor because I am starting to sound like a megaphone). I find that my rope is almost at its end for my family and friends. That on last week’s nights, in my hammock, I found out that it is easier to talk and waste time with people I’ve only met in Bantayan than with my kin and barkada. That going home kept me up than necessary because no matter how much paawa I make, you guys wouldn’t get it.

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