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Bridging Europe to the Philippines as the Hub for Social Entrepreneurship
[Date Created: October 20, 2014]

October 24: World Forum Lille Closing Plenary

Father and Founder of Gawad Kalinga and Founder of Grameen Bank join the stage for the first time ever. Tito Tony MELOTO and Muhammad YUNUS conclude the World Lille Forum for the closing Plenary. What a special day for Asia and the social entrepreneurship movement. "Introduced as two inspiring and transformative visionaries - one a former Nobel Peace prize winner and the other for sure a future winner", Philippe Vasseur Founder of the Forum

'Got standing ovation at World Forum Lille after Yunus, strange feeling to get such attention from the top by loving those at the bottom. Miss the farm n the simple life.'

Got this text from Tito Tony, and I am again affirmed why God is using him to tell OUR collective GK journey. He always puts the poor first and is happiest when he is among them because they have become family. Thank you Tito for teaching us servant leadership by example. And although it has never been about the recognition, it is simply so affirming to see the world slowly beginning to understand and adopt GK's model to ‪#‎endpoverty‬ simply by caring and sharing. The work continues, on to 2024. Walang iwanan!" - Issa Cuevas-Santos

October 22: HEC Paris




October 21: Haumont Spiritual Center

"GK's big vision and radical optimism inspired our book and Ticket for Change", Matthieu Dardy and Jonas Guyot! Our dear friends and intern alumni share on their experience with GK in the Philippines and how they are now having massive social impact in their own country, in France. In addition to the Lille World Forum the Philippine delegation is welcomed by 200 members of the Spiritual Centre of Haumont to share the GK journey of faith in action and commitment to not leave the poor behind! Another day of a packed schedule that concludes just before midnight." - Vanezza Zabert, GK Europe


"What beautiful place for a reunion!

Very happy and honoured to be reached last night with Tony Meloto at the spiritual center of the Hautmont, near Lille. Tony greatly inspired me to become a social entrepreneur, notably by: - its radical optimism and conviction that can eradicate poverty - its ambition to "make the Filipinos from the creators of wealth in the Philippines, rather than job seekers abroad" (I have the impression that can replace Philippines by France...) - his work hard from the charity to the creation of sustainable economic models with high social impact such as social entrepreneurship or the BoP - its proximity to its beneficiaries to understand better their needs, every day of the year (he gets up every day at 5 o'clock in the morning to visit villages Gawad Kalinga) - his belief that we must create alliances with major groups to change things on a large scale it is poised to come out 1 million Filipinos from poverty, me I try to do that at my level with Ticket for Change ;)

Philippe Vasseur, former Minister, President of the CCI of Lille, tweetait yesterday: "Muhammad Yunus and Tony Meloto launch Friday Social Business North-Pais de Calais." One took the Nobel Prize, for the other it should come."

There were also as stakeholders Dylan Wilk, poised to create the first social enterprise multinational, in organic cosmetics with Human Nature; Freddie Tinga, revolutionizing transport in Manila; and Fabien Courteille, 25 years, is the first to develop the industry of the toy in the Philippines, which has sold 25,000 artisanal fluff in 2 years starting with €80 starting capital; not to mention the wear-resistant Olivier Girault! (All of these stories are told in our book with Jonas "A meeting of entrepreneurs who are changing the world")

Thanks Nicolas Cordier for the organisation of these conferences "live the economy otherwise"!"

- Matthew Dardy

October 21-24: World Forum Lille "Meet Meloto Contest"

October 21 - World Forum Lille

Antonio Meloto - World Forum Lille 2014 by WorldForumLilleTV

From 600 students in Lyon to 700 international delegates in Lille for the Forum on Positive and Responsible Economy. The Philippines through GK, Enchanted Farm, Human Nature and GET COMET kick of the Opening Plenary Session. We are here to invite France and Europe to come as partners in development that will be mutually beneficial for both regions. For a new idea and innovation you have to challenge your comfort zone and not fear to do good - the audience honour the GK family with relentless clapping.

Notes from Storify:

The first conference of this 2014 Lille World Forum gathered five major actors of the social business model. Some of them already had everything and lived in adequacy with the broad occidental mentality of material pleasures enjoyment.

And one day, following Tony Meloto’s path, they left what he likes to call their “comfort zone”. They realized that the way they were living didn’t make them happy. They figured somehow that buying bigger cars, bigger houses would always be “unquenchable needs”, quoting Dylan Wilk.

So they decided to take the leap, and dedicated their competency to social business: a new entrepreneurial model, which finality is social or environmental, and which profits are immediately reinvested in the accomplishment of its mission. Some other entrepreneurs started from nothing, working on a local project. And then,step-by-step, it grew into a more global action. 

Fabien Courteille’s case encapsulates this long-term vision sponsored by socia lbusiness. Acting local, sewing toys with women from a Filipino community a few years ago, he will soon be selling thousands of them to major firms such as ToysR’us.
Now he is proud to lead the first toys industry based in Philippines, and selling in Philippines.

Dylan Wilk underlines that Gawad Kalinga’s project made him see poverty issues differently. Although he gave some years of his life to this “dream” of Tony Meloto, he actually gained much more from it and finally found happiness.

These five entrepreneurs took part, in their own way, in Tony Meloto’s “crazy dream” quoting Freddie Tinga. Thus they can be considered as “radical optimists” just like him, since they went beyond those fears to create a new sustainable business model. More than a simple firm that would have a philanthropic and utopic purpose, social Business allows people to reconnect with one another. According to Tony Meloto, the social part also comes down to partnerships creations while restoring men dignity and self-confidence.

Those five strong personalities perfectly embody the philosophy that Meloto promoted when he launched the Gawad Kalinga project: “Don’t be afraid to make the world kinder, happier.”

Tony Meloto opens World Forum Lille with Dylan Wilk, Freddie Tinga, and Fabien Courteille.

Notes from Storify:

Q: Taking into account your tweet posted a few days ago, saying « true profit sets us free », what would be your definition of « true profit »?

A: It is a profit that can make the world better, with a bigger social purpose. Indeed, it is about using profit to create enduring and lasting peace and prosperity. True profit is about winning, building friendship and partnership. It is also about raising wealth to make the world kinder, safer and happier.

Q: In order to reach this true profit, what would you change in people and CEOs’ mind to make them become this kind of “dream builder” that you already are? 

A: CEOs must realise that they have the power, and the responsibility to really make their company an instrument of goodness. They have to build their own legacy. They have to humanize business. Thus, they should use profit to improve the life of people working for them, improve the community where they do business. The aim is to use the power of business to really make the world better.

Q: If you had one piece of advice to give to young people afraid to be thrown in the professional world, what would it be?

Don’t put a price tag to your soul. Don’t be mercenary; don’t just look for a job or a salary. Look for a purpose. You’re not too young to make the difference. Don’t be afraid to be different to make the difference!

October 20 - EMLYON Business School


"Social Entrepreneurship is the mood of the times and 600 students joined us to hear about the progress in the Philippines. A humbling experience to see the inspiring Fantastic 4 on the stage together: Dylan Wilk, Fabien Courteille, Freddie Tinga and Tito Tony share on the unique eco-system of Gawad Kalinga. The best of EMLYON Business School were positively shocked of the Filipino movement that concretely strives for sustainable prosperity. Next stop: World Forum Lille" - Vanezza Zabert, GK Europe

October 20 - World Entrepreneurship Forum in Lyon

"The World Entrepreneurship Forum in Lyon kicks of with over 300 delegates from over 40 countries. Great to be back with a growing Philippine delegation, who will be in action during the day: Fabien Courteille, Dylan Wilk, Freddie Tinga and Tito Tony." - Vanezza Zabert, GK Europe

"Gawad Kalinga in full force for this 7th edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Lyon! "Less for self, more for others, enough for all" is our simple but powerful philosophy!" - Fabien Courteille, Plush & Play

"Everyone has arrived. The Philippine delegation is complete. First one up to inspire the delegates is Freddie Tinga about the amazing team at GET Philippines!

Gawad Kalinga and Tony Meloto representing the Philippines in the World Entrepreneurship Forum

October 18 - MakeSense Session @ NUMA, Paris

October 17 - ESSEC Partnership

October 13-16

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