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enchanted farm faqs

The GK Enchanted Farm Team is happy to receive inquiries from those who would like to visit and know more about the Farm. We hope that you can get to know us better through the details below.

  1. What is the GK Enchanted Farm?
  2. Where is the GK Enchanted Farm located and how do I get there?
  3. Is the GK Enchanted Farm open to the public? What can we do there?
  4. What are the activity / tour packages I can avail of?
  5. Can I visit the GK Enchanted Farm as part of a field trip, company tour or group tour? How can we reserve?
  6. Can I stay at the GK Enchanted Farm overnight? What are the accommodation options available?
  7. What pioneer centers for sustainable development can I find at the GK Enchanted Farm?
  8. What social enterprises can I find at the GK Enchanted Farm?
  9. Are the products of the GK Enchanted Farm available in Manila?
  10. How can I become a reseller/distributor of your products?
  11. What is the GK Enchanted Farm Café and where is it located?
  12. How do I contact the GK Enchanted Farm team?

What is the GK Enchanted Farm?

The GK Enchanted Farm is Gawad Kalinga’s platform to raise social entrepreneurs, help our local farmers and create wealth in the countryside. As we learned that the road out of poverty is a continuing journey and therefore, providing homes is merely the beginning, we also realized that our country is abundant with resources (land included) that we can harness for every Filipino to continuously lead a life with dignity. We envision the GK Enchanted farm to be three things: (1) a farm village university, (2) a silicon valley for social entrepreneurship, and (3) a 'Disneyland' for social tourism.


Where is the GK Enchanted Farm located and how do I get there?

GK Enchanted Farm

California St., Pandi Angat Road,

Bulacan, Philippines

By Private Vehicle


The GK Enchanted Farm is 50 km from Quezon City, Metro Manila. From the Balintawak Toll Gate of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), take the Bocaue Exit (total distance 33.5km).

From the Bocaue Exit (16km), turn right towards Sta. Maria via Bocaue Road and take a left when you see PTT Gas Station (1.2km). Turn left upon reaching the Walter Mart intersection (0.8km) and turn right at Win Gas Station (0.3km). Follow the Pandi-Angat Road by hanging right, until you see Encanto Elementary School, where you turn left at California St. to enter the site.


Heading away from the Quezon City Circle, take Commonwealth Avenue past Sandigan Bayan. Turn right at Regalado Avenue then go straight until SM Fairview. When you get to the end of the road (Jollibee on the right, SM on the left, the Redwood Residences in front), turn right at Quirino Highway. Go straight down that street and follow it. You will pass a Caltex and RUSI sign, and you will pass La Concepcion College on the left. When you see Star Mall on the left side of the street, the road veers to the right. Follow that road towards San Jose Del Monte.

Follow the winding road and enter Barangay Tungkong Mangga. You will pass the Classica Northgate Village on the right side of the street. Keep going straight and you will pass Ebineezer Christian Academy on the right. The road continues and you will cross a short metal bridge. Keep following the main road. You will pass a Shell on the left side.

Keep going straight until you enter Norzagaray. You will see a cement factory in the horizon. Pass through the arch of Norzagaray. You will pass a small wet market on the right. Then you will reach a fork with a round-about. Turn left. You will pass by the entrance of the Holcim Cement Factory on your right side. Keep following the road. Get ready for a zigzag.

After the zigzag road you will enter Barangay Poblacion, Norzagaray. Almost there! The road will fork again at this small yellow Z Energy gas station - turn left. The road will head upwards. After heading upwards, you will reach a rotunda/roundabout/fork. Take the road on the right side, by the BPI. This will lead you to the Enchanted Farm-Angat Dam area. Keep going straight and you will pass a cockpit on the left side. The road may wind. You're getting close!!! About 500 meters away you will be turning left into the Pandi-Angat Road. Keep your eyes open because people usually miss this turn as it is a small street. Turn left at a SMALL corner - it's a small street with barely any signs. On the right side you will see Pitang's Furniture Center, facing the street you will turn left into. This is the first left after passing the cockpit. Follow the road into Barangay Encanto. The road has small pot holes so be careful. It also winds a bit. After the winding road, watch out for the houses on the right side with red roofs. Turn right at a small corner where you see an elementary school. It goes to a very small cemented side road which leads straight to the Enchanted Farm. The road will fork again. Take the left trail and it will bring you to the farm entrance.

You may also check Facebook for directions with photos.

By Commute

  1. Take a bus from SM North EDSA to Del Carmen going down at garden / Bocaue exit on NLEX.
  2. Head to the Sta. Maria Walter Mart.
  3. Get off at Walter Mart, then walk to the jeepney station across the street.
  4. Take a jeep to Brgy. Encanto and get off at Encanto Elementary School on the left side of the road. There is a tall gym on the left side. This is at the corner of California St.
  5. You can walk into the farm following California St. or flag down a tricycle to take you inside.


Is the GK Enchanted Farm open to the public? What can we do there?

Yes, the GK Enchanted Farm is open to the public from Tuesdays to Sundays, 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM. These are the activities you can do at the Farm:


Like all things enchanted, the GK Enchanted Farm has a very unique story built by heroes from GK’s community and volunteers. Share in our story as we walk through Asia’s first Farm Village University in a 1-hour walking tour.


We serve fresh vegetables, free-range meat, rice and juicy fruits for a hearty buffet lunch. Our produce is sourced from our fields to provide you with the freshest farm-to-table meals!


Learn the stories behind our very own social enterprises. Be a social entrepreneur for a day and try your hand at making our farm-based products: cheese, mushrooms, chocolate, plush toys, salted eggs, tea and more! Social enterprise demos are subject to availability. Only 2 demos are available per day.


We need heroes to help GK sustain its communities. It’s a fun and fulfilling way to spend time at the farm. Our farming activities include digging, planting, watering, carrying things around the farm, depending on the farm needs at the time of your visit.


What are the activity / tour packages I can avail of?


Package Details

VAT Inclusive


Package A ●  Entrance to the Farm
●  Buffet Lunch (12nn-1:30pm)


Package B ●  Entrance to the Farm
●  1.5 hours farm hope walking tour (9-10:30am)
●  Buffet Lunch (12nn-1:30pm)


Package C ●  Entrance to the Farm
●  1.5 hours farm hope walking tour (9-10:30am)
●  Buffet Lunch (12nn-1:30pm)
●  Choice of:

(a) 2 social enterprise demos & trial (1:30-3pm)

(b) A combination of 1 social enterprise demo and farming activities


* All prices are subject to change without prior notice.


  1. The 1.5 hours walking tour of the farm includes stories about Gawad Kalinga, the Enchanted Farm Village University, and Social Entrepreneurship.
  2. Buffet lunch includes farm-fresh vegetables, free range meat/fish, unlimited rice and fruits for dessert.
  3. Social enterprise demonstration options:
    • First Harvest ( Peanut Spread )
    • Golden Ducks ( Golden Eggs/Duck Burger )
    • Gourmet Keso ( Cheese/Gatas)
    • Herb Planting
    • Kara & Beaus ( Ice cream )
    • Mushroom Magic
    • Plush and Play ( Stuff Toys )
    • Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolate
  4. Farming activities include digging, planting, watering, carrying things around the farm and others.
  5. Social enterprise demonstration and farming activities are subject to availability for the day.
  6. All packages have an option to extend until 4 PM.

Your every centavo counts as it goes back to the community that farms our land, prepares our food and maintains the sustainable practices of the GK Enchanted Farm. The fees also support the education of the children within the community. We ask for your understanding in depositing your FULL payment at least 7 days before your trip to confirm reservation.

Please get in touch with us at before you deposit FULL payment to GK Enchanted Farms Inc. We shall confirm date of your visit only upon receiving a scanned copy of your deposit slip and confirming your payment. Please bring your deposit slip on the day of the tour.

To avail of the packages, please provide us with your information HERE.


Can I visit the GK Enchanted Farm as part of a field trip, company tour or group tour? How can we reserve?

We can also engage bigger groups of up to 40 at a time, and you may avail any of the activity packages above. Customized packages can also be prepared for your group upon request. Please provide us with your information HERE. You can also email details of the name of your organization, number of people in your group, date of visit and expected time of arrival at the farm to


Can I stay at the GK Enchanted Farm overnight? What are the accommodation options available?

* All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
* AC = Airconditiong


What pioneer centers for sustainable development can I find at the GK Enchanted Farm?

  1. Arch Angel-GK Center for Arts and Culture
  2. Bamboo Palace Center for Development Design
  3. Berjaya Culinary Arts Center
  4. Dept. of Agrarian Reform Farmers Center
  5. Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources Lotus Center for Environmental Sustainability
  6. Hyundai Center for Green Innovation
  7. IASIS Health and Wholeness Center
  8. LifeBank Center for Bayanihan Economics
  9. Shell Center for Social Business Enterprise and Innovation


The Arch Angel-GK Center for Arts and Culture at the GK Enchanted Farm is used for community gatherings as well as for cultural and other events.

Since 2006, Angelo King Foundation, Inc. has shared the GK vision and has become integral in bringing 'building communities' to life by constructing 55 community centers nationwide. These centers are currently being used for community gatherings and celebrations, values formation, training and mentoring, and for learning and education. There are currently 10 more being constructed all over the Philippines.


With support from GK USA partners, Singaporean architects, French engineers, and top local designers, the Bamboo Palace Center for Development Design showcases innovative indigenous materials and what designing the best for the least looks like.

It is currently used for design camps for students and practitioners of architecture, interior design, engineering, landscaping, and industrial design. It is also the perfect venue for conventions, trainings, and special events like weddings, yoga camps, and corporate team building sessions.


The Berjaya Culinary Arts Center (BCAG) aims to showcase the best of Filipino food, architecture and people. Food will be locally produced / sourced and processed, creating value for our local farmers and encouraging the agriculture industry. It will be designed to ‘mimic’ nature, not just in beauty but also in sustainability features. As the primary food center of the Farm, BCAG will cultivate the culinary talents of the poor and provide livelihood as it caters to the 200,000 partners, entrepreneurs and students who visit the GK Enchanted Farm annually.


In the Philippines, the average age of our farmers is 57 years old. Most of them have been educated only up to Grade 4. The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Farmers Center aims to raise and empower the next generation of farmer-entrepreneurs through the Agricool Program.

The DAR-GK partnership is important in raising this next generation, and Sec. Virgilio delos Reyes has previously mentioned how the GK Enchanted Farm serves as a model for the convergence among smallholder farmers like agrarian reform beneficiaries (ARB), the government, the academe and the private sector.


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources Lotus Center for Environmental Sustainability aims to transform previously idle land within the GK Enchanted Farm into a productive and vibrant ecosystem.


The state-of-the-art green innovation center, built by architects and engineers commissioned by HFI (HARI Foundation, Inc.), fuses the ethnicity of the bahay kubo and the Hyundai design philosophy of “Fluidic Sculpture.” It is envisioned to be the epicenter of ideas, talents, and resources committed to growing a sustainable green economy and community for the Filipino and stands as a symbol of the evolution and progress of Hyundai and GK’s enduring partnership to build empowered, self-sustaining Filipino communities from the grassroots.

The Center has a green museum to showcase innovative solutions for environmental protection and preservation, and is used as a venue for various events as well as new thinkers camps to raise green innovators.


The IASIS Health and Wholeness Center aims to provide access to quality health services for all. Construction is currently ongoing, but once finished it will be a center where detox food and beverages will be developed and wholeness camps will be held. The center also features spa services as well as promotes awareness and education about a natural and healthy lifestyle.


LifeBank Foundation (LBF) is a leading provider of micro-finance and an important partner in social programs towards empowering individuals, families and communities through a culture of caring and sharing. With the common vision of eradicating poverty, LBF partnered with GK's Center for Social Innovation for its Social Enterprise Program, focusing on social entrepreneurship with a bayanihan spirit, food security and environmental sustainability.

The LifeBank Center for Bayanihan Economics will serve as the innovation, development and commercialization hub of LBF and GK's combined effort to advance social enterprises and 'bayanihan economics' as a key strategy in breaking the chains of poverty.


The Shell Center for Social Enterprise and Innovation is comprised of the Shell Training Center and Villas as well as the Shell Cabanas. It is currently used as a venue for social business camps, where budding social entrepreneurs and farmer-entrepreneurs are trained. The Shell Center is also where social business startups are incubated.


What social enterprises can I find at the GK Enchanted Farm?

  1. Aura Natura
  2. Bambike
  3. Bayani Brew
  4. Enchanted Jams*
  5. Enchanted Farm Café
  6. First Harvest
  7. Friggies
  8. Golden Duck
  9. Gourmet Keso
  10. Grassroots Kitchen
  11. Hamlet
  12. Hiraya Chocolate
  13. Human Nature
  14. Kara & Beau's Ice Cream
  15. Plush and Play
  16. Red Carpet
  17. The Bee Empire
  18. Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates
  19. Trese


Bayani Brew produces proudly Filipino agri-based beverages that advocate the use of healthy indigenous ingredients, promote countryside development, and augment the income of farmers through directly sourcing their raw materials at higher-than-market prices. They even offer agri-biz scholarships to these farmers and other brew crew staff. This ragtag team has far loftier goals of achieving agri-based prosperity for farming communities and the country.

Bayani Brew doesn’t want to be remembered just for its refreshing drinks, but for brewing a generation of Filipinos crazy in love with our country.


The Enchanted Farm Café is a social enterprise that bridges the GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan to the city market. It aims to raise social awareness by promoting home-grown business innovations that develop industry-competent local products while uplifting the lives of the poor. It is also a social business platform for entrepreneurs that want to prototype new products.


Golden Duck aims to grow horizontally from the Enchanted Farm platform with a vision of creating a more sustainable duck egg and meat industry. Compared to the Php 400 B chicken industry, the duck industry is only at Php 2 B so there's much room to grow.

The Golden Egg's yellow shell might be the first thing to catch your attention but the taste of these salted duck eggs will definitely be the one to stick. Colored with healthy natural turmeric, these are made from the love and care of GK families at the GK Enchanted Farm, creating a new market for duck farmers.


The Philippines imports 99% of its dairy products, including from countries that do not even have cows! This is something that Gourmet Keso aims to address, as it introduces world-class quality and locally made dairy products to the market.

As a social enterprise, it gives you not only artisan cheeses and quality dairy products, but also the satisfaction of knowing each purchase is helping people who need your support. Each product is made from milk sourced from local farmers and made with love by members of the GK community. It has gained a loyal following of cheese enthusiasts, even being recognized by the Ultimate Taste Test as the best cheese product in the market.


The Grassroots Kitchen is the official food provider of the GK Enchanted Farm Village University. Located inside the farm, the Grassroots Kitchen promotes a "slow food" advocacy, wherein its raw ingredients are sourced locally to help encourage the farmers partnered with us to continue cultivating the land as well as ensure that food is fresher and healthier.


Hamlet is a social enterprise partnered with GK CSI that provides natural meat products that are free from artificial food additives, taste enhancers and preservatives. Aiming to help sustain the livelihood of Enchanted Farm residents, particularly in hog raising, Hamlet goes beyond provision of a source of income towards instilling in the community the knowledge, capability, hope and confidence that they can do it on their own.


Human Nature produces world-class cosmetics and personal care products using only raw materials that can be grown in the Philippines. This helps create a market for farmers in the countryside, catalyzing rural development.

Centering on the core values of being Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment, Human Nature continues to grow exponentially since its inception in 2009. Human Nature employs several GK residents for full-time warehouse staff and helps in the incubation and development of more social enterprises to help them scale and create more social impact.


80% of the toys found in the Philippines are imported from a single country, majority of which are found to have toxic elements. Plush and Play addresses this by producing hand-stitched stuffed toys and showcasing the undervalued sewing skills of women living in Gawad Kalinga communities. Plush and Play toys delight the little ones as well as provide sustainable livelihood that allows their fellow kids in Bulacan to eat and go to school every day.


Red Carpet is a social enterprise that is redesigning lives by harnessing the creative potential of GK communities through innovative embroidery techniques using indigenous Philippine textiles. Quality capped with purpose, our products range from table napkins to comforters. With Red Carpet, your dream curtain, pillow, and blanket set from your favorite housekeeping magazine are all sewn with love and care by the skillful sewers from the GK Enchanted Farm.


Gearing up to be one of the finest tasting chocolates the world has seen, Theo & Philo chocolates is at the forefront of bringing the Filipino cacao industry to the world stage. With the simple vision of producing the chocolates right at the heart of the source, this social enterprise creates numerous opportunities for Filipino cacao farmers to uplift their quality of living.


Tracing its name from one of the biggest garbage dumpsite communities in the country, Payatas, Trese is a social enterprise engaged in silk screen printing and sewing. Partnering with the community residents of GK Blue Eagle Village in Payatas 13, Trese seeks to install productivity and dignity to the community and introduce alternative opportunities outside the "garbage economy".


Are the products of the GK Enchanted Farm available in Manila?

Yes, the products are available at the Enchanted Farm Café along Commonwealth in Quezon City.


How can I become a reseller/distributor of your products?

Send us your proposal to Please indicate which product/s you wish to resell or distribute.


What is the GK Enchanted Farm Café and where is it located?

GK Enchanted Farm Café

Unit 2A, 462 Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines 1119

Somewhere along the perpetually busy Commonwealth highway is a quaint little Advocacy Café that showcases the goodness of the Filipino. The café is a haven filled with gourmet cheeses, artisan chocolates, mouth-watering burgers and freshly-brewed coffee – all made from Philippine ingredients and crafted with the love and ingenuity of community partners.

The Café sources its raw materials from the GK Enchanted Farm and other social enterprises, transforming fresh produce into healthy and delicious meals. It is also the watering hole for social entrepreneurs who meet there for Center for Social Innovation (CSI) Nights, every Wednesday at 7-9 PM.

Created as a platform to showcase the products of a new generation of social entrepreneurs, the Enchanted Farm Café is the perfect manifestation of businesses that leave no one behind.


How do I contact the GK Enchanted Farm team?

You may click HERE to input your information or email directly. You may also use social media:

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Follow us @gkenchantedfarm


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