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GK Bayani Challenge 2011 Day 2: Huwaran Kang Pilipino
[Date Created: April 21, 2011]

The day started early on April 5, second day of the Bayani Challenge 2011. All were ready to take on different tasks.   Scheduled activities for the day were: Green Kalinga Tree Planting in Bunakan, Tugas, and Poblacion in Madridejos; Kabangbang in Bantayan, Okoy and Balibid in Sta. Fe as well as Coastal Clean ups in Talangan and Poblacian in Madridejos; Gawad Kalusugan conducted a seminar on Healthy Lifestyle and Exercise in Brgy Mojon;  Paraisong Pambata facilitated games for kids, storytelling and art workshops as well as different sports activities at Madridejos Cultural Center, Sta. Fe Central School, and Brgy. Patao Gym in Bantayan; Farm Build in Brgy. Tugas in Madridejos, School Build in San Agustin, and Beach Competitions in the afternoon.

Jose Mari Oquinena, assistant secretary PCOO-Office for Special Concern, was the speaker during the Kalinga Night. The theme was Huwaran Kang Pilipino. “Our footprints will be a legacy,” he said pertaining to the time, treasure and talent that everyone was offering to God and country at the Bayani Challenge 2011 in Bantayan, Cebu; “I’m so proud and happy to be among you.”   He also shared the four points to remember to be a model Pinoy: have the courage to care, leave behind a legacy, be solution seekers and not dwell on the problem, and have a vision for your people and country.  

He also introduced sharers that night and they were:  Patrick Doromal-GK Volunteer, Emong Dimaiwat-GK full time worker, Melai Llegado-GK full time worker, Panglima Estino Sulu Mayor Munib Estino, GK advocate and Donna Unsad, GK full time worker.

Patrick became active as a GK volunteer since his high school days.  “Gawad Kalinga is our medium for change. God gave us an opportunity to help others bakit di natin kunin (why not take it),” he said.

Emong Dimaiwat is a father who wants a safe and healthy environment for his son. A former gang member, he was transformed through GK’s SIGA program in Bagong Silang.  He got teary-eyed looking at his son’s photo, Khyle Kaiser, when it was projected on screen for everyone to see while he was sharing his story.   “Para sa kanya ako natatakot (I fear for him) kung paano ko sya papalakihin ng mabuti (how I will raise him well),” he said thinking of the life he had live and the complexities of the world. Hoping that through GK and the power of caring and sharing his son’s future will be different from his.    

Melai Llegado is from Mindanao. She was an orphan by age 11 and the breadwinner of the family. But this didn’t stop her from working hard to have a better life. She persevered and finished her studies and is now a GK full time worker. “Kaya po ako naging (I became a) full time worker gusto ko pong ibalik (I want to give back) yung kalingang  (the care )binigay sa’kin ng GK (has given me) .

Mayor Munib Estino is from Sulu and is a proud Gawad Kalinga advocate. GK came to their area and was able to give 30 families new homes. “Naririto ang kapatiran na walang knikilala (It is a brotherhood without boundaries), mayaman o mahirap rich or poor,” he said.

Donna Unsad is a GK full time worker assigned in Northern Luzon. His father is from the Teruday tribe in Mindanao and her mother an Ilongga. When she was in high school she does not want others to know where she came from.  Members of the Teduray tribe were looked down upon in history books. “Nahihiya akong aminin (I’m ashamed to admit I’m a) member ako ng isang (of a tribe) sa (in) Mindanao,” she said. Her parent’s dream was for her to finish college in a prestigious state university. This came true and she graduated cum laude. Today, she is a proud Filipino Teruday serving God and country through her work in GK. “Madami akong natutunan sa school pero lahat yon nasa isip ko. Pinagmamalaki ko na mas marami po akong natutunan sa GK at lahat yon nasa puso ko,” she said.

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