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APEC Voices of the Future 2015 at the GK Enchanted Farm
[Date Created: November 16, 2015]

On November 15, 2015, amidst the backdrop of devastating recent events around the world, APEC youth leaders representing 17 member economies (Australia, Canada, China, Hongkong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taipei, Thailand, United States of America)
 joined GK's own global network as we presented our template of ending poverty by building intentional and inclusive communities and businesses that do not leave the poor behind. 

Though we were all from different races and religions, today we were one global family coming together to discover our shared humanity and our common desire and commitment to build a better world. What a proud moment for Team GK to be able to inspire young people from various nations to also do their share in ending poverty and creating shared prosperity for all. Team GK, walang iwanan!


Event Highlights:

APEC Delegates Arrive

"It is very refreshing to be here compared to Manila, and everything is so environmentally friendly. I now understand why the Enchanted Farm was so highly recommended by everyone we met, including your Department of Foreign Affairs. We are so happy to be here and excited to learn from all of you."

Mr. James Soh PBM MBE, Co-Chairman of the APEC Leadership Council, welcoming the international delegates representing the 17 member economies

A Moment of Silence for France

Tito Tony leads 140 delegates from 17 member economies to a moment of silence and solidarity here at the APEC Voices of the Future event at the GK Enchanted Farm:

"Let us take a moment of silence for our friends and family in France. We are one with them in their grief but we are also one with them in working hard to build a kinder and safer world for the next generation, where no one is an enemy, a victim, nor a prey. Let's keep praying for our family in France but also for all the other countries who are suffering today because of poverty and conflict. This is why the APEC is here. Let us continue to work together to ‪#‎endpoverty‬ in this generation."

GK EF's Global Family of Changemakers Take the Stage

We have yet to count how many additional countries represented by our GK/GK EF family, with so many countries represented by our global family of social entrepreneurs.

One world. One family. One humanity. One dream - a kinder, safer, better world for all.

SEED scholars confidently take the stage and speak about how their lives have transformed, as well as their dream and commitment to help end poverty by being agri-entrepreneurs.

Manny Perlas of LifeBank Foundation (LBF) talks about the GK-LBF partnership and how LifeBank is helping evolve farmers from subsistence farming and micro-finance dependency to agri-entrepreneurship and sustainable wealth creation.

Farm Tour

After the short plenary, delegates got to tour around the GK Enchanted Farm, led by Tony Meloto and our very own social entrepreneurs.

TM gives the APEC leaders a personalized tour of GK Enchanted Farm.

Delegates get to go around the key areas of GK EF, including the Souvenir Shop where the products of the GK EF-incubated social enterprises are showcased.

With social entrepreneurs as tour guides, delegates get an insider tour of the Farm as well as a peek into their own journeys and challenges.

Multi-cultural APEC Voices of the Future delegates are toured around by GK EF's very own mix of multi-cultural social entrepreneurs.

Delegates get to interact not only with each other but also with the animals of the Animal Farm, an integrated 1-ha prototype built in partnership with the Dept. of Agriculture (DA). This serves as an alternative model for farmers who have land but are unable to utilize it fully.

Heading to the Duck Farm

Social Enterprise Showcase and Demos

The delegates also got the chance to experience different social enterprise demos, where the entrepreneurs explained and demonstrated how the products are made. Some of them even got to try making these products themselves.

Trying to make ice cream at and Beau's demo

Learning how Gourmet Keso is made

After the First Harvest demo, everyone gets to taste the peanut butter

Learning to make plush toys at the Plush & Play social enterprise hut

Bayani Brew's Ron Dizon eagerly explains how to make iced tea from lemongrass

GoldenDuck captures the attention of youth leaders from around the world

GK Annual Report (Jul2014-Jun2015)

The APEC VOF event at the GK Enchanted Farm was also the official launch of the most recent GK Annual Report, which outlines not just the many faces of poverty, but more importantly, the faces of heroism and hope that have allowed us to transform slums into peaceful and productive communities. This is our humble attempt to share Gawad Kalinga as a viable template to end poverty and a vehicle of hope for the Philippines and other developing nations.

Download a copy of the Annual Report HERE.

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