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Can you carry a brother to the finish line?

The culture of walang iwanan can be practiced in many different ways. In Gawad Kalinga, we share the gift of presence to families who are starting to journey out of poverty.

In Bayanihan Race 2018, we will run together towards a common goal. Together with volunteers and community members, we will race and cross the finish line together. We will leave no one behind!

Bayanihan Race is the first-ever national running event promoting wellness and camaraderie across the Philippine archipelago. You run for fitness, you also run for the community. Part of the qualification is a community project proposal from each team of 6 composing of 3 volunteers and 3 Gawad Kalinga/Barangay Walang Iwanan community members.

Be part of our journey through solidarity. Champion a community, run for hope!

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 is where this caring together can begin. 



Join our kitchen crew in
preparing the day’s
lunch meals. Pick a kitchen
and sign up!


It only takes P15 to
sponsor a child's meal 
for a day or P3,300  for
the whole year!


Increase our impact by
intiating your own
activity. See how other
champs did it.


Inspire others to care
with us by sharing Kusina
ng Kalinga stories and

 Kusina ng Kalinga prepares hearty lunch meals everyday. Volunteer at a kitchen near you! Inquire now at 






7 Point Vision

Each GK village aspires to become a model community that is:


A Faith Community where residents are free to practice their religious belief in an atmosphere of mutual respect and reverence.


A Peace Zone where neighbors live in harmony with each other and where conflicts are justly settled based on the higher principles of neighborly love and the common good.

A Tourist Spot where the sense of beauty and order is regarded as an indispensable part of dignified human dwelling.

A Productivity Center where human and natural resources are utilized to sustain the growth and development of the community.

An Environmentally Healthy Community where residents practice the principles of proper utilization and preservation of the environment.

An Empowered Community where individuals participate actively in governing the daily life and activities of their village.

A Secure Community where residents are prepared to respond accordingly in the event of a natural or man-made calamity in order to preserve lives and property.